the kind pen slim oil instructions

(Just sprayed twice on my arm about 5 minutes ago) But now all I have is plain brown tobacco. This is nice, just not as a perfume, for a female like me. Not any particular gender-- but Tom Ford does it better.

Also, my bottle is ice cold- came in the mail and I'm already under 20 degF in upper Michigan. That kind of temp/delivery sometimes affects the way something smells, and often my room-temp tests are a bit diff. I love the smell and it does layer very well, which also helps with the longevity. On it's own, it has a bit of a scented candle smell - but smells very nice. This is cheaper and more manly than ultra sweet disgusting Amen Pure Havana. Realistic pipe tobacco smell with a faint sub-sweet floral/slightly boozy cherry vibe. But at the end you have simple realistic pipe tobacco. Wow, I am honestly really surprised with this fragrance.

I recently purchased a few different Demeter fragrances because of how novel they were, and the price was pretty decent. So far of the 4 different ones I purchased, Pipe Tobacco stands out in a big way. With my testing of the first three Demeter fragrances I purchased and tried, I noticed they all seemed to have a trend. With the initial opening spray, they did in fact smell quite a bit like their name (ie Mushroom smells exactly like a mushroom would smell), but fairly quickly they dried down to scents that were more in-line with wearable-fragrances. Mushroom stopped smelling 100% like a mushroom and started smelling like a designer-style fragrance as it dries down. Now with Pipe Tobacco, my experience was MUCH different than the other three I purchased. As it retains that pipe-tobacco scent all the way through, and it does develop in interesting ways as it dries down. Initial spray is 100% a sweet pipe tobacco, absolutely picture perfect smell of cracking open a freshly mixed bag and taking in a big whiff, it is sticky with sweet resins and woody tobacco. As it dries down, it morphs into a shockingly pleasant woody-vanillic-tobacco scent with a touch of spices. The vanilla in this might even be natural vanilla, as it has a surprising depth and quality to it (this juice is even slightly darker in color and not clear like my other Demeter fragrances). As shocking as this may sound, I find that Pipe Tobacco by Demeter has a striking similarity to Coco Blanc from House of Matriarch (which is a VERY expensive all-natural niche house). The scents aren't identical, but the woody-vanilla vibe is quite familiar between the two of them. I tested both out on each arm tonight and I am amazed at how close they are in so many ways. It is a VERY unique style of smell, which aside from the sample of Coco Blanc I have, no other fragrance in my absurd collection smells like Demeter's Pipe Tobacco. Now what time of year does this remind me of when I smell it? At one point I could even picture gingerbread cookies and spiced drinks in a warm cozy house during Christmas time as I smelled this. Quite impressive I must say, especially for a fragrance house that has so many fragrances and is not an expensive brand. Dry KoolBloom by General Hydroponics is a concentrated plant food supplement specifically formulated to promote intense and abundant flowering. It is designed to enhance the production of robust blooms as well as essential oils and fragrance in many flowers and culinary and medicinal herbs. Dry KoolBloom is rich in phosphorous and potassium and fortified with proprietary ingredients. This blend enhances production of essential oils and fragrances by mildly stressing plants during the formation of fruits and flowers. Dry KoolBloom is used during the second phase of reproductive growth in conjuntion with Liquid KoolBloom, which is used at the beginning of a flowering cycle.

KoolBloom is excellent for hydroponics as well as soil gardening. KoolBloom should be used during the last 2 or 3 weeks of flowering to enhance harvest quality and yield. Discontinue Kool Bloom 3 to 5 days prior to harvest. Usage: Mix 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water or 1.25 grams per 4 liters. Soil: Add KoolBloom to irrigation water or in addition to a regular feeding program.

Hydroponics: Add Kool Bloom to your reservoir with your usual plant food formula. Caution: A very small amount of KoolBloom will have a big effect on flowering plants.


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