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I lost track of where I was and who I was and just became lost in the pleasure. my whole body felt electric and every time she touched me I would shiver." [via] 3. "She just kept going slowly and moaned lightly with every stroke." "We were having [penetrative sex] for probably the longest I've lasted ever, doing a bunch of different positions. I grabbed her face and told her I wanted to finish in her mouth.

It seemed to turn her on, because she immediately dismounted and started sucking with more enthusiasm than I've ever seen her show while giving oral. She kept touching my abs and chest with one hand, looking at me, playing with the balls, etc. Then, after a few minutes, she slowed down a lot, used her hand with her mouth and just kept at it consistently. She didn't vary the speed or pressure or change hands at all, she just kept going slowly and moaned lightly with every stroke. Less than a minute in, she was watching me as I lost all control and just crashed on the bed, feeling the pleasure come in waves and breathing haphazardly, until I just exploded in her mouth. "She was enthusiastic and eager to please." "It was nice and slow at first, before she picked up the pace, and got nasty with it.

Lots of gagging, spitting, ball licking, and eye contact. And when I finally came, she gripped me hard and sucked me gently while I was cumming, and played with the head with her tongue a bit. If I had to pinpoint my favourite aspects of it, it would be the enthusiasm and eagerness to please." [via] 5. "It was such an adrenaline rush." "We were at her mum's place. Everyone was in the house, her mum, her two sisters. but she just closed the door, put a pillow on my lap to cover up my boner in case anyone got in (they always knocked except for the little sister) and got down to blowing me. The adrenaline rush combined with her skill gave me the best orgasm I've ever had from a blow job. "I couldn't move my legs afterwards." "She sucked my cock for an hour. And didn't let me cum in that time, until the very end. She knew I liked butt stuff, so she'd play with my asshole. "It was like a seizure" "Halfway into it, she put the prostate attachment on her magic wand vibrator and slid it in me and kept edging me and backing off. Afterwards, I couldn't move my legs for like 15-20 minutes, they were so shaky, like limbs made of jelly. "It was as wet and slobbery as possible." "I was sitting back in the car. She demonstrated to me the Three Points of Blowjob Perfection: mostly slow, medium speed at most. She wasn't hugely experienced, her technique wasn't elaborate or special , but no one - not even very experienced, porn-emulating blow job-givers encountered before or since - has even come CLOSE to providing that sensation." [via] 8. "She slipped a finger in my ass and I lost my shit." "Started with a nice kissing from my chest down to tease me at my legs/thigh. Rubbed my legs, kissed and licked my cock/balls, grabbed and squeezed my ass while I fucked her throat. She then started to jerk me off and proceeded to tongue fuck my ass (she was into that and I of course loved it). Her tongue just swirled around and I kept thrusting into her mouth . She then slipped a finger in my ass and that was it. I've never experience anything like that again." [via] 27 Guys Describe The Best Blowjob They’ve Ever Gotten (And What Made It *That* Good) Every single time my wife has gone down on me for about a year now. She started doing this thing while jacking me off where she sucks at the base of the penis, the top of the balls, right on the urethra. It’s almost like a weak suction cup, with tongue action. It makes me cum EXTREMELY intensely within 60 seconds almost every single time she starts. And a little attention to the balls and taint with her second hand only makes it more intense. We met on tinder and had been talking for a couple weeks.

Things had progressed to sexting, so it was pretty clear where we were gonna end up. We met up at a bar, got a few drinks in us, and that’s where the teasing started. There was much grinding, not so subtle under the table groping, and she even went to the bathroom and sent me a few pictures. After a long while of this we headed out to her place and climbed in bed. Now at this point you’d think we just get right to it immediately, but no, we got down to our undies and she continued teasing me. There was a lot of making out and feeling each other up and dry humping, but every time I tried to progress further she’d stop me. Finally, after hours and hours, she starts to move downtown. I was pumped to finally be getting some, but she didn’t go for my dick, she went for my balls.

She spent probably 20 minutes just sucking on and licking my balls with no dick contact. Fiiiiinally she moved up and started going to town on my dick. I’m not talking just sucking on it, she was slobbering on it like she was dying of thirst and my dick contained the only water for miles around.


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