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Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox and dietary fiber specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure Starts working as fast as one hour Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins 100% money-back guarantee. Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours. Potassium 495mg – provides electrolytes to prevent water intoxication Sodium 151mg – provides electrolytes to help water absorb Vitamin B1 100mg – B vitamins increase energy and gives urine a yellow color to mask dilution Vitamin B12 200mcg – B vitamins increase energy and gives urine a yellow color to mask dilution Vitamin B2 100mg – B vitamins increase energy and gives urine a yellow color to mask dilution Vitamin B6 100mg – B vitamins increase energy and gives urine a yellow color to mask dilution Vitamin C 120g – Vitamin C is crucial for cell metabolism Cranberry Fruit Extract – cranberry is an effective diuretic Creatine Monohydrate – creatinine levels will be measured to authenticate your urine sample.

Dilute urine has incorrect levels of creatinine and creatine supplementation brings the levels back up to normal Echinacea Purpurea Herb Extract – This herb boosts the immune system and works as a diuretic and laxative Fruit extract – provides phytonutrients which work as a diuretic Inulin – inulin helps make sure creatinine levels are perfect by modulating kidney function Milk Thistle – milk thistle detoxifies the liver Pomegranate – pomegranate works as a diuretic Psyllium seed husk – works as a laxative and detoxifies the digestive tract Beet Root extract – provides coloring and expands blood vessels Citric Acid – part of normal cell metabolism Fructose – natural sugar helps balance electrolytes Hibiscus Flower Extract – works as a diuretic Hydrolyzed Collagen – improves texture and may enhance kidney function Katemfe fruit extract – a natural sweetener Natural Flavor Polydextrose – a natural sweetener Potassium Chloride – electrolyte Potassium Sorbate – preservative, electrolyte Purified Water Sodium Benzoate – preservative, electrolyte Stevia Leaf Extract – a natural sweetener Vegetable Extract. Guarantee : If you are not satisfied with one of Applied Sciences LLC’s products, you can mail them the receipt, UPC code, and your name and return address. We assume they mean to reimburse you but the site does not specify what recompense they provide. It can be anything from a replacement product or a coupon to a full or partial refund. Postmark has to be inside 30 days of purchase date, sent by certified mail. They will refund the suggested store price, so a refund is at least one option. They will provide redress once per year per person. Pros Is not too heavy on the herbs, putting a strain on the liver Creatine to raise creatinine levels B vitamins for energy and urine color Potassium and sodium to balance blood and urine electrolytes Works quickly last 5 hours Has fairly safe diuretic herbs Only natural sweeteners Widely available from popular stores online and physically.

Cons Contains laxatives which can cause diarrhea and interrupt your test Does not contain zinc which is proven to thwart drug tests Costs more than doing dilution on your own Dilution can sometimes be detected by more sensitive tests Applied Sciences LLC website is meager, not much info is available. Rescue Detox ICE Drink by Applied Sciences LLC Review. Although this is a short review, short reviews are fairly credible because it means the user is probably not being paid to write a review and therefore, doesn’t have time to write an essay. He is busy working at that new job he got with a clean drug test. This user does not feel like the product has been effective. Social Media Review from Reddit (positive) This user used Rescue Detox ICE and passed the drug test. Though he does not say what drugs were in his system, we can assume marijuana was likely involved, which his the hardest drug to dilute successfully. We are reviewing claims and assumptions about products used to detoxify the body. The products reviewed and any claims considered here were not processed by the USA FDA. Detox drinks reviewed are not aimed at diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any illness. No product can promise 100 % to clear all toxins from your body in order for you to pass a drug urinalysis. Online retailer of a premium selection of hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies at discounted prices. Built from Aircraft Aluminum and Stainless Steel Designed to be used in conjunction with a unique heating process Operates with a 2 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and 4,000 lbs of pressure. The Big Daddy Press operates with a 2 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and makes a 3″ diameter puck up to 2″ deep. The Big Daddy Press is built from Aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel designed to be used in conjunction with a unique heating process. High Tech Pipes make quality presses that are manufactured in the U.S.A. Each Press is assembled and individually inspected before shipping. Their Presses are designed to be heated to the ideal temperature which is an important aspect of the Pressing process. They design and build their products to stand the test of time and to become a permanent piece of equipment for the end user. They use aircraft aluminum which maintains heat as opposed to other Presses on the market which use steel that either quickly loses heat or heats up too fast thus destroying the material that is being pressed. Each Press comes with full step by step instructions and a video is available as well. High Tech Presses are fully machined presses built from aircraft aluminum.

This is a precision piece of equipment that is also meant to be heated.

When heated, the aircraft aluminum transfers and retains heat much more efficiently and effectively than steel which is what other brand name Presses are made out of.


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