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MADE IN USA: This is an all natural, Hemp Oil dietary supplement. It is a tincture (to be taken orally-usually under the tongue). This is the traditional form of taking CBD, which many consumers are familiar with. There are five flavors: Blueberry Moon, Cinnamon, Strawberry Banana, Grape, and Natural. Our high quality Hemp Oil makes the difference! Each flavor comes in 150mg, 300mg, 450mg or 750mg – per each bottle. Choose your strength and amount of CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture according to your personal needs. We suggest 1/2 dropper twice a day (approx. 0.5mL). Each bottle has approximately 30 servings.These tinctures are 50% off because of our confidence in our Water Soluble CBD, which can be up to 10 times as effective as any of these oil tinctures. But, people are used to taking oil tinctures, so we will always have a few in stock, but we're always going to recommend our Water Soluble CBD over any CBD tincture, including our own! Ingredients: Hemp Oil (Seeds & Stalks) Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of Hemp Oil.Other ingredients: Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil from Coconut Oil. Why Is Having The U.S. Hemp Authority Seal of Approval A Big Deal?As many of you may be aware, there's little to no regulation right now in the world of CBD. Well, the U.S. Hemp Authority is out to change that.This careful third-party audited inspection of our facility maintains quality management systems in areas that include product safety, safety of workers, specific job training, emergency procedures, testing of all active ingredients, supplying Certificate of Compliance with each product, production and process control, among other things.All of our products we carry from CBD American Shaman are guaranteed to have the U.S. Hemp Authority Seal of Approval.We tell all of our customers, if CBD American Shaman isn't the right product for you, that's okay, just please stay within the select few group of U.S. Hemp Authority Approved Companies, so you know that the products you're taking are safe, regulated, and you're getting the amount of CBD you actually pay for.We cover this topic in more detail in our newsletter, which you can find here No Other Discounts Can Be Applied When Ordering Discounted Items  FDA Disclaimer: Any statements made within this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No products produced, manufactured, marketed, or distributed are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any supplements or botanical extracts. If pregnant or breast feeding, consult with your physician before use. For use by adults 18+. Keep out of reach of children. *Call, email, or reach out via social media to see if you qualify for our FREE DELIVERY!

Organic full-spectrum terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp oil… what the what?

You may have noticed recently that we’ve changed what we are calling our hemp oil. We are now referring to it as organic full-spectrum terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp oil. We’ve always been a full transparency hemp company and will continue this even when our label designer is left scratching their head in confusion. 😉

To explain this change a little more, we thought a short Q&A with our founder, Dave, was in order to help you understand why this change is important, and to help you understand what organic full-spectrum terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp oil means.

When looking for hemp oil what should you look for?

The first thing to always look for is where was it grown. Always choice hemp grown in the USA, it’s cleaner and not full of toxins like hemp from elsewhere. The next thing to watch for is how was the hemp extracted? You don’t want an extraction method that uses too many chemicals. Our preferred extraction method is Vapor Distillation, which is 100% chemical free. Are you able to find Certificates of Analysis for the hemp? As a full-disclosure company, we have COAs onsite for anyone to see at any time. And lastly, always choose a full-spectrum hemp oil.

What does full spectrum mean?

Full spectrum or whole plant extract is oil extracted from the hemp plant which contains all the cannabinoids found in the plant. In addition, Omega fatty acids, flavonoids, and terpenes are found in full-spectrum hemp oil. All good things that you want!

What does terpene rich mean?

Terpenes rich means that the whole plant is used in the extraction process and retains the terpenes which are fragrant compounds that give cannabis unique properties. Terpenes work synergistically to enhance the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, resulting in an entourage effect. You should always buy a hemp oil product that has as many terpenes as possible.

Why choose Full Spectrum hemp oil instead of CBD oil?

We get it, hemp terminology is confusing and seems to change often! Full Spectrum hemp oil has all of the tools (cannabinoids and terpenes) from a cannabis plant. Whereas CBD hemp oil is only one of the tools available, the cannabinoids. Opt for a Full Spectrum hemp oil to get all the benefits possible.

When checking label ingredients of hemp products what is the best hemp oil to look for?

There are three ways to extract hemp oil from the plant: ethanol, CO2, and Vapor Distillation. Vapor Distillation offers the cleanest extraction and uses zero chemicals, only heated hair. Look for how the hemp was extracted, look for a full-spectrum Full Spectrum hemp oil and when you can, choose organic!

We hope this helps explain why using organic full-spectrum terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp oil is so beneficial to your pets!

We've changed what we call our hemp. Read more about what Organic full-spectrum terpene rich Full Spectrum hemp oil really means, and why it's better!