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Next time your buddy offers you a cigarette, but you want your preferred herb of choice instead use the cigarette paper to roll your own. A simple way to get the taste of your own tobacco and herb products is to empty out the cigarette by twisting the contents around until they leave the paper. Once you have the empty cigarette paper, fill it with your tobacco of choice. Make sure you are careful during this process as the paper can be easily torn or ripped.

Tear the filter off delicately, but seal it by twisting a bit, so you don’t swallow the contents. This way you’ll get the full taste and effects of your herb of choice. Just like that, you’re done and all that’s left to do is puff puff pass it along. Instead of throwing out your PBR cans after a night of partying, recycle one into an easy to use pipe! After the can is empty and rinsed out, simply dent the area to put tobacco on and poke small holes in the dent to allow smoke to pass through the can. Once the can is assembled, place the tobacco in the dented, makeshift bowl and light it! Draw the smoke from the top of the can where you would usually drink the liquid from. Using the can method is good in a pinch, but tends to be a harsher hit and can get hot to the touch pretty quickly, so proceed with caution. The Presto Pipe is a great way to being prepared, when you aren't prepared.

Throw it in your backpack, center console, nightstand, or anywhere you need to be ready to smoke at a moments notice. It’s so easy to use, just cut a hole in the side of the can or bottle towards the bottom, and screw in the presto pipe. When you're done, unscrew the Presto Pipe and recycle the bottle. This smoking accessory is perfect for the hiker, camper, festivalgoer, or outdoorsy type who enjoys smoking on the go. Beloved by many smokers, the gravity water pipe has been saving the party when there were no rolling papers around for decades. All materials needed for this D-I-Y project can be found around your home and are easy to come by. To get started you will need: 2-liter bottle 1-liter bottle Paperclip Aluminum foil Knife or box cutter Scissors. First, cut off the bottom of the 1-liter bottle, but only about 2 inches using scissors. If you cut off too much, you won’t have enough room to fill the bottle with smoke. Next, cut the top off of the 2-liter bottle and fill it up with water. Using the box cutter or knife, cut a hole in the 1-liter bottle lid, making an “x”. Then, place the aluminum foil over the bottle cap and poke a few holes for ventilation. Push the 1-liter bottle down into the water making sure the cap stays above water. Carefully twist the cap onto the bottle and put the tobacco on top of your makeshift “bowl”. Light the tobacco and lift the 1-liter bottle as it fills with smoke. Once you’re ready to smoke, remove the tin foil bowl and push down as you inhale the smoke. This classic method is probably the most popular among seasoned smokers who know how to keep the party going. These are all wonderful ways to smoke on the go, but for the best smoking experience, it's better to be prepared. Check out some of Rolling Paper Depot's top selling products, and enjoy a better smoking session. 4/21/2020 IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the ongoing developments with COVID-19, import and transit time of products have been globally affecetd. We anticipate some crates being delayed a few extra weeks at this time. Shipments going to South Africa will be held until further notice.

If you need help with your account, please reach out to our customer support team here. Estimated shipping statuses can be found on your Accounts page when you are logged in by locating your crate and selecting See Shipment Info . Your crate’s shipping estimate will be available under Upcoming Shipments. Once a crate has shipped, the shipment will be available under Shipped Crates with the status and tracking link when available. Please allow 2-4 days for your tracking to be available once Shipped. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our support team by submitting a support ticket so they can assist in tracking down your crate! Delivery dates vary based on when you signed up and your subscription plan.

Depending on your crate subscription, some will ship monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. And sometimes we have Limited Edition one-time crates! For new and existing Looters: Check out the chart below to find out when you'll receive your awesome loot! Feel free to log in to your Accounts Page to view your upcoming crate's estimated shipping date. Estimated Delivery Window Monthly Loot Crate / DX / Loot Wear Between the 20th-30th Loot Gaming / Loot Anime Between the 28th-10th Loot Remix Between the 28th-10th Bi-Monthly Equip / WWE Slam First half of Odd Months Loot Fright / Marvel Gear + Goods First half of Even Months J.K.


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