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For broadcasters and government it is vital when undertaking the transition to a digital radio platform that the chosen standard is both robust and mature enough to enable a smooth and cost effective rollout while providing both consumers and broadcasters with incentives to switch to digital. The DAB family of standards provide just that.

The DAB family of standards offer the following benefits:

  • For Governments and Regulators
    • Even better spectrum efficiency
    • Ability to provide additional services and choice for citizens
    • Provide traffic and travel information to provide an improved safety road network for citizens
  • For Broadcasters
    • Building brands
    • Long term transmission and network savings
    • New revenue opportunities
    • Secure valuable spectrum for radio broadcasters
    • Future proof radio in a digital world
    • More for your listeners
    • Lower costs per station
    • Content opportunities
  • For Consumers
    • A wider choice of stations
    • Improved audio quality
    • Easy tuning
    • Improved traffic and travel information
    • Interactive visual radio

Click here to download a PDF for more detailed technical information on DAB+, the functionalities offered by it and performance of DAB+ in field trials. Click here to watch a short presentation which provides a comprehensive overview of the standard.

The WorldDAB Forum is an international non-government organisation whose objective it is to coordinate the implementation of all Eureka-147-based technologies, such as DAB, DAB+ and DMB.

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