sutra vaporizer review

Sutra S Review:

The Sutra S-Type Vaporizer delivers outstanding vapor quality normally only found in desktop vaporizers, but also gives you all of the freedom of a portable vape. It features a strong battery for long sessions on the go and an easy way to load the chamber. Given its 4 temperature settings and great ease of use, you’ll want to check out the full review of the Sutra S-Type below.

  • Incredibly powerful battery with pass-through technology
  • Great vapor quality (even with conduction heating)
  • 4 temperature settings
  • 2-year warranty
  • Conduction heating technology
  • Larger than other average models
  • High price

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Sutra-S In Depth

Price – The S Type comes in at a price of $169, making it more than the average price of most dry herb vaporizers.

Vapor Quality – The vapor produced from the Sutra S Vape resembles what you’d find when using a desktop vaporizer–dense, robust, and flavorful with huge clouds for all. This vaporizer delivers consistently high quality vapes every session.

Guarantee – There is a 2-year warranty on the Sutra S herbal vape.

Prep Time – This herb vape heats to your desired temperature in less than 30 seconds. For loading, the mouthpiece features a magnetic end that you just lean to either side to reveal the oven you fill with finely ground dry herbs.

Portability – While the Sutra S Type is a bit bulky, it does fit well in the pocket and is certainly portable. It has a long battery life that lets you vape for a long time while out and about.

Ease of Use – The magnets on the mouthpiece make for ultra-simple loading, while the temperature regulators serve to make the vaping experience a dream.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – The Sutra S Type features a hybrid ceramic core that heats up to the temperature you choose in less than 30 seconds. There is a light on the start button that turns green when the heating element has hit the first level of heat. There are 4 preset temperatures to choose from: 390F, 420F, 450F, and 480F to maximize your customization options.

Power Supply – The Sutra S Vape features a powerful Dual Cell 7.4v 2600mAh battery with pass-through technology for vaping while you charge. It has an automatic shutoff mechanism that not only makes your battery more efficient, it elongates its life and makes the vaporizer safer to use. With such a robust battery, you can enjoy long sessions without needing a recharge, and depending on the length of your sessions, one charge could potentially power 3-6 vape sessions.

While it comes at a bit of a high price, the Sutra S Type has a strong battery that can outlast several sessions of vaping. It features 4 separate temperature settings and an automatic shut off to keep it from getting too hot. This, combined with its ease of use and its outstanding vapor quality, makes for a portable herbal vaporizer that you can’t live without.

Sutra S Type has an incredibly powerful battery with pass-through technology, with a 2-year warranty. It is conduction heating, so how good if the vapor quality?

Sutra vaporizer review

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Love It!

Got this at a random little spot. Was looking for a three in one because I travel often, this one is from the gods. Glad I found it. I Use it regularly. Can’t wait to try more from their product line. Top it off it’s made in California. Me too.

By Shawn on 1/19/2018

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Full aluminum body is what really impresses me. USB charging, ceramic convection vaping and works great with tobacco and other herbs too. This is literally the best vaporizer I’ve ever used. A Sutra not so Mini would be even better for my coffee table. Something the size of a pop can would be cool.

By Drew on 3/4/2018

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No one is better

By John dough on 3/28/2018

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best buy.

i bought the sutra mini thinking it’d have to be replaced in a matter of months. but I’ve now had mine for nearly a year and have never had a problem with it. it warms up quick, has a good battery life, works well in the cold here in Canada, and its super simple to operate, fill, and empty out. the one thing I don’t like however is cleaning the removable mouthpiece.

By JL on 6/17/2018

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Its awesome.

Wow that’s all I got to say.

By Kelly on 9/1/2018

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This lil guy can take on big rigs and win.

My first vape contraption I will never use anything else this lil thing does it all and very well too now corner the market lol

By Lou on 12/9/2018

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Best vape I’ve ever used, The long battery, quick charge, bowl is very versatile. cleaning the mouthpiece is a pain, cleaning the filter is a pain but those are feathers on a scale compared to the positives of this thing, everyone I have smoked with, without exception, has mentioned they love this thing and asked where i got it.
Its sleek, sexy, and durable,mine looks like its been through battle, beating the screen to empty it for the year I’ve had it, and dropping it twice a week. I am buying my second one promptly.

By Nargangster on 1/29/2019

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Good but.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and wanted to use it long enough before posting a review.

Versatility 5/5
Design 4/5
Performance 3/5
Battery power 2/5

Battery: Unless I bought a dud, mine doesn’t keep a charge very long. Using it as my only device, I have to recharge 3 times a day. And I’m a very light smoker from what I’m told.

Performance: It gets really hot at any temperature over 370 F. Really hot. Uncomfortable to hold when it gets that hot.

Design : while very portable with a seemingly solid build, the vent at the bottom is very easy to cover with your finger when vaping. My husband and I had the same issue. Trying to vape flipped upside down just makes the mouthpiece fit strangely in the mouth.

By GingerTea on 1/31/2019

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Great Vape

This is the first vape I’ve ever bought and I made sure to do A LOT of research before purchasing. Finally, I decided to buy the Mini and so glad I did. Gives me great, flavored sessions for my herbs and its tiny so I can take it everywhere. Every time I use it never disappointed. Getting the temp right is experimental but also kinda fun. Easy to use and clean. Overall great vape.

By Captainsaucenn on 2/6/2019

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Love it..

Well made, tasty hits. Recommend highly. Great company, fast as hell delivery. Love it.

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