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Tobaccos Super Value – Vanilla Cavendish

Super Value Vanilla is an easy-burning, smooth-smoking blend of mild tobaccos with a pleasant vanilla aroma.

Notes: Dream Castle/Super Value pipe tobaccos are manufactured by Sutliff Tobacco Company.

Brand Super Value
Blended By Sutliff
Manufactured By Sutliff
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Cavendish
Flavoring Vanilla
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 12-oz. Bag, 1.5-oz. Pouch
Country US
Production Currently available
Where to Buy

Dry it first, or you’ll have a bowl of goop at the bottom. Puff slow and you should avoid the harsh note. It won’t bite, though. It’s typical of blends in this genre. Has little tobacco flavor outside of a toast note or two, and not much nicotine. Burns a little slow and needs some relights. Has a decent, short lived, thin vanilla after taste. Pleasant room note.

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like everyone, i selected pipe tobacco based on the recommendations of others, buying sample packs, or cheap stuff. Found a few that i loved from reputable companies. then one day i discovered a fellow pipe smoker at work, he’s been doing it 40 years plus. seen him in his truck on break smoking, smell filled the parking lot! the ladies at work love running up to him just so they can smell that pipe aroma on him. I asked him one day, what the hell are you smoking?! he told me,” oh some cheap stuff i get at the smoke shop.” so went down there, it was this stuff for $3. i had my share of cheap stuff, stood there thinking i know this is a bad idea- but bought it anyway. I HAVE HAD MORE COMPLIMENTS ABOUT THE AROMA WITH THIS THAN I HAVE HAD WITH ANY OTHER TOBACCO! just recently sitting outside during our towns 4th of july celebration having a smoke, people were looking around and asking whats that, that smells so good, my niece answered its my uncles pipe. Ive never had trouble lighting it or keeping it lit, ive never opened a wet bag of it either. i open, fill, light, smoke, enjoy, collect compliments, thats it! burns nicely and completely. my friend said the cherry was better, I like both! my recommendation- keep searching for a tobacco that suits you, my search is over!

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Super Value Vanilla Cavendish. very inexpensive, smells quite strongly of brown sugar with a good bit of vanilla in the bag, as does the room note when smoking; I must tell you it has a great, very agreeable room note with nice traces of the leaf showing up. It tastes mostly like a Virginia and Burley blend, nutty and tangy, with only quite small amounts of the aroma translating to taste. Body on the smoke is quite thin,which would be downright airy, were it not for the PG. Nicotine is detectable but mild for most smokers and probably undetectable to some. It burns cool, for the blend type it is, and I would recommend long, slow draws every 5 to 10 seconds. It’s not bad and will definitely see use when I’m not particular as to what to smoke. Again, don’t expect a lot of vanilla in the taste, smoke it in a cob and it does the job. Somewhat recommended because it burns decent, doesn’t taste too cheap, smells great and is dirt cheap. Like with all tobaccos, one must form their own opinion.

Pipe Used: Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane Spindle bent

Age When Smoked: No way to tell; I’m being honest.

Purchased From: Tobacco Plus

Similar Blends: A mix of Captain Black Regular and Carter Hall (?).

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Super Value – Vanilla Cavendish.

The name of this blend would serve well as a review!

A fairly coarse mixture of brown Cavendish ribbons. It has as potent aromatic aroma and very good hydration.

The smoke? Nice enough, but just another of the ubiquitous vanilla aromatics; sweet tasting Cavendish with quite a heavy addition of vanilla. So, that means there isn’t much to deliberate on! Mechanically it does ok, slow burning at a steady rate. The only problems I find are that it can be a little warm, and I get a touch of bite.

Nicotine: mild. Room-note: pleasant.

Super Value Vanilla Cavendish? To be fair it’s an ok smoke, but like I said, it’s just ANOTHER vanilla aromatic. Somewhat recommended:

Pipe Used: Somali Meer’

Age When Smoked: 6 weeks

Purchased From:

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I lit this blend in one of my cheap pipes (after five matches) and puffed this pipe weed for about a minute and then tapped it out. This is horrible stuff. The Federal Government should order this to fire proof the Pentagon, as it is very difficult to burn. Absolutly horrible to my palate. But, it’s cheap and it would be well for a VERY new newbie. Do not smoke this in anything but a cob. Or, if you’re an old hand at the briars, not at all. Sorry, but this won’t be going in the slipper.

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I received this as a free gift with a large tobacco order. Why, I do not know, since nothing in my order would indicate that this stuff would work for me. Perhaps they were just trying to get rid of it. I do enjoy a few aromatics but they have to be of high quality. This one isn’t.

I wasn’t going to smoke it but it smelled so good in the bag! A little synthetic but still nice. It also smelled nice in the room. But there the fun ended. The taste was so mild, it was like smoking hot air. I used 6 pipe cleaners to dry the gurgles in one bowlful. Folks, there’s a good reason this tobacco stays wet even though the pouch isn’t sealed when it’s sold. Humectants galore in this one. It sounded like I was smoking through a hookah!

As an innocent bystander, this gets 3 stars. If you actually smoke it yourself, 1 star. and that’s a gift. Low quality tobacco + high humectant content = zero smoking satisfaction. Captain Black is a definite step up.

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This Dream Castle concoction was not quite the vanilla that I’ve been dreaming of. Like a double-edged sword, this tobacco cuts both ways: through the full, round flavor of vanilla, the familiar fist of tongue-bite is more than ready to T.K.O. an unsuspecting smoker.

As I have rolled the dice at the high stake of $2, I am duty bound to devise a use for these saturated candy leaves. Might be worth experimenting with drying the tobacco and blending it with a benign drugstore blend such as Carter Hall.

Either that, or I could make the wiser decision of fleeing the hot-burning scene of that “briar crime” so that my palate may live to taste another day.

In summation, the pouch is perhaps good for two bowls and the remainder may be prominently displayed amongst your tobacco collection as a cautionary tale for you and your posterity.

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This is not a bad blend. The vanilla is mild, the tobaccos are allowed to peek through. Dry it out a bit before you load and light and you will be rewarded with a somewhat sweet, mild smoke. Certainly worth keeping around for those times when deciding what to smoke is a problem.

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What can I say. just some very ordinary vanilla flavor over some ordinary tobacco. nothing really special here. added this to my “:All Things Vanillia” jar. Maybe if you had a good burly to mix this with you may have something better!

Age When Smoked: fresh

Purchased From: local tobacco/lottery shop

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Dry it first, or you will end up with some serious goop in your bowl. good taste. awesome room note. very good smoke on a budget.

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My local tobacco dealer has been out of my usual every-day aromatic for a couple weeks, so I picked up a bag of this to “get me through” until his next shipment arrived. I thought for the low price of $14, it would be hard to go wrong. Boy, was I mistaken.

Right out of the bag, it’s a little wet and doesn’t want to stay lit. It has very little taste. Were it not for the tongue bite, there would be almost nothing to write about.

“Vanilla Steam” would be a better name for this (if it had more vanilla flavoring).

Anybody want a slightly used free bag of tobacco?

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Was given a bag of this. Very moist. Some people will want to dry it. Bite isn’t bad, but keeping it lit without drying can be tricky. Very sticky. Solid vanilla flavor, not much else. Overall a decent, but cheap tobacco. The wife really likes the smell, which is a plus (Got an extra star just for that 😀 ) Not a great tobacco, but it’s ok and I think it will blend with something else pretty well.

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The flavor is very nice and sweet. It comes very wet with very heavy casings, so you have to let it dry out a bit when you get it. This was my first and favorite tobacco for quite some time until I got into English tobaccos, and then later discovered high quality aromatics (Boswells). I brought this down to 2 stars as my expectations of aromatic tobaccos has increased. I ended up giving this stuff away for free.

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It’s cheap. It’s vanilla. It gets two stars.

All the same there are many things I don’t like about it. Not the least of which is that this stuff is sticky. You could grab a hand full of this stuff and roll it up into a ball and it would stay that way. Roll it across the floor and let your cat play with it. It even looks wet.

Doesn’t like to light easily. Doesn’t like to dry out easily. Leaves nasty gooey stuff in your pipes. Did I mention it’s vanilla and cheap? Get a cob if you are going to smoke this stuff.

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For most people this will not be an all day long smoke. It’s fairly sweet and smoking more than one or two bowls a day will start to get to you. Unlike others who have reviewed this tobacco I found no bite at all but there was a rather unpleasant sent in the nose after more than two bowls a day. It’s nice to have around if you don’t smoke too much of it. I’ve only just cellared a few half pint jars and will update in six months to a year on any changes. If you like Vanillas it can’t hurt to have a pouch laying around just don’t overdo it or the taste will start to change on you.

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I also got this in a free pouch from a order I got. I kind of like it it’s not bad I smoke it in a corn cob. It is a little wet in the pouch you may want to let it air dry for a little bit. I like the Vanilla that I smell and can really taste after the first light. I had no real problem keeping the pipe lit as I do some times being a new pipe smoker. The room note was nice, If you walk out and then walk back in about ten min. later you can smell the sweetness in the air still and I kind of like that. I only smoke tobacco that has a good room note in my place the others I smoke on my little deck. I liked it I’m happy that I got it for nothing as a freebee so I will enjoy my 1.5 oz and maybe get a bit more just to have on hand to make my place stink good..

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If you can get past half a bowl of this goopy stuff, you are lucky. The smell isn’t bad, but no real flavor. Cheap but not worth it.

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Better don your tongue armor.

The lowest of the low grade vanillas. Fortunately the pouch can double as an airsick bag. You’ll need one after smoking this abomination.

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I’m in a bine here.If this makes sense, this stuff tastes good about the first 5 or 6 bowls, and then it tends to start tasting very pungent, and not like that of the other vanillas i’ve tried. I’m new at pipe smoking, and only 18 years old, but I know my pipes to say the least. When I first got a pouche of this, I was in shock and felt it to be the best blend ever made.That is until I tried the smokers pride vanilla cavendish.This stuff is so very moist, and almost resembles that of a fine pinch of Skoal Vanilla Long Cut. If you are a firm believer in aromatics and can’t live without vanilla, try it but don’t say I didn’t recommend Smoker’s Pride to all of you.

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I bought a package of this tobacco with very high hopes. I hoped that I would really enjoy it so that I could make it my everyday smoke, because the price is right. I may have over paid for it but at $2.29 who cares.

Packing the pipe wasn’t difficult but it wasn’t easy either. The bag aroma is nice, almost perfume but very nice. It smoked/burned well. I hate to admit it but I REALLY LIKE THIS STUFF. It’s not real strong on the vanilla like I thought it would be. I personally like it better than captian black and I’m a cap’t black fan. So at half the cost I may leave the cap’t to sail alone.

I hope to try the other Super Value tocac’s soon. If only they would give the stuff a different name. But me being the tight wad that I am I guess I’ll just have to live with the cheap looking “super value” package.

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After enjoying the Dream Castle Black and Burley, I gave this one a try. While the room and bag aroma were pleasant, the good experience ended there.

You might as well skip packing the bowl, and just apply your lighter directly onto your tongue. I even tried a second bowl of this, just to be fair, before I threw out the best of the bag.

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Super Value Vanilla is an easy-burning, smooth-smoking blend of mild tobaccos with a pleasant vanilla aroma.

Super Value Pipe Tobacco

Made in the United States, Super Value pipe tobacco, like the name says, is one of the most affordable blends of aromatic tobacco – without skimping on flavor, without being cheap. Cup O’ Joes has 12 blends available, selected to meet the requirements of pretty near every palate. We encourage you to try it!

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