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Featuring a distinctive ridged design to significantly reduce the chance of it slipping out of your hand during use, the Mighty’s top-quality craftsmanship and materials certainly makes-up for its slightly bulky feel. If you want to experience a brand-new standard in the world of vaping, Storz and Bickel’s Mighty is definitely worth the hype. Guaranteeing superb performance every time and requiring little maintenance to keep clean, the lasting power of this device is second-to-none. Certain to stand the test of time and keep your sessions filled with quality and enjoyment, the Mighty is definite worthy of its outstanding reputation.

The Crafty & Mighty have been around since 2014 and have been two of the best dry herb vaporizers available since then. Today (late 2019) the Crafty is getting a refresh- called the Crafty+. As you can figure out by the name, it is an upgrade that keeps the same form and functionality, with a few upgraded features and better performance. This is the second new vaporizer Storz & Bickel has launched this year, the other one being the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer. The Crafty+ isn’t as big an upgrade as the Hybrid but it is significant nonetheless. Hopefully, S&B continues this trend and bring us a Mighty+ (or maybe even a Plenty+) sometime soon. Crafty+ Vaporizer 1x Dosing capsule Two drip pads for concentrates USB charging cable Replacement screens & seals. Mighty vaporizer Herb mill & Filling aid Drip pad 1x Dosing capsule Cleaning brush & replacement screens Wall outlet adapter. Compatibility : The Crafty+ and the Mighty are primarily dry herb vaporizers but they are compatible with solid wax concentrates using a “drip pad” that inserts into the oven.

The dosing capsule included in either kit can be pre-filled with herb and then placed in the oven when you’re ready to vape. You can get more of them in sets of eight or forty. You can also get a handy capsule caddy that holds a maximum of four dosing capsules and that can be attached to your keychain. The Filling Aid is included with the Mighty kit, and used to be included in the Crafty kit, but unfortunately, it is no longer included with the Crafty+. The Filling aid (view on S&B website) is a great accessory that will make packing the oven a super convenient and straightforward process. It stores herb and funnels it into the oven when needed. A good grinder is essential for efficient vaping, try the SLX Grinder to check out our favorites. The Crafty+ and the Mighty are both tough, rugged vaporizers that put function over style. They each have hard plastic bodies that feature a finned design for dissipating excess heat. The result is that neither of them gets hot while they’re being used. They each also have a swiveling mouthpiece that folds away when not in use and feels great to inhale from when it is in use. They are both very easy to use and have a straightforward interface without any unnecessary buttons or functions. The Mighty has analog controls and a digital display built into the device for precise temperature control. The Crafty+ needs the smartphone app for granular control, it’s the same app that is used in the new Storz & Bickel Volcano. Otherwise, you can only use three preset temperatures, more about that later. If you do have the app, you can use it to set the Crafty+ to any temperature between 104°F and 410°F, which is the same temperature range as the Mighty. You can also use the app to check the battery level and calibrate other vaporizer settings. The app also has a “find-my-vape” feature that makes the Crafty vibrate and flash its lights. The Crafty+ and the Mighty naturally have a lot in common, but they also have some significant differences, the most obvious one being their respective sizes. The Mighty is the larger of the two and is better suited for home use since carrying it around is tricky unless you put it in a backpack or purse. The Crafty+ is the more portable friendly option because of its pocket-friendly size. Despite the size difference, both the Crafty+ and the Mighty have identically sized ovens capable of holding around 0.25g of dry herb. The Crafty’s and Mighty’s body is made from Medical grade Plastic called PEEK, which is an advanced biomaterial often used in medical implants. It has a rigid design with grooves that stretch along its’ body. This is a brilliant design that allows for excellent heat dispersion and keeps the unit cool and comfortable to hold.

Pressing the power button twice (boost) or three times (super-boost) during a session activates one of the modes. Boost will increase the temperature by 10 to 15 °F and the super-boost will increase to the maximum temperature (410 °F). So while there is no way to control the exact temperature from the device, you can gradually increase the temperature and make the most out of your plants. S&B has a bunch of accessories and aids that are compatible with all of their vaporizers. Some of those accessories are: Dosing Capsules – you can use small dosing capsules that can be pre-filled with herb and just pop them in and out of the oven while on-the-go. The capsules can fit in a keychain, eliminating the need to pack an oven. S&B also sells filling trays and aids that can fill up to 40 capsules at a time. Filling Aid – clips to the top of the vape and functions as a funnel into the oven. This filling aid is also a container, so you can keep a small amount of ground herb inside.

The aid clips to the oven, and funnels the herb inside. Aside from the obvious benefit of not losing any herbs when filling, you’ll also keep your vape clean (because fewer derbies fall around the heating element). The biggest benefit is that packing an oven becomes consistent and controlled. The density is always optimal, the amount is always the same, and it just streamlines the oven-packing procedure. Twist off the cooling unit to expose the herb chamber.


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