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A drawback to this practice is that non-smoking trimmers react badly to the sometimes overwhelming powerful aroma of fresh buds. You can even get stoned from it, according to the stories. This is bollocks, according to the earlier quoted Frank.

'You simply cannot get stoned from the aroma of the weed; you have to have THC in your blood supply, otherwise you will not notice any effect. And this just doesn't happen through your nose." Nevertheless, there is frequently a (portable) carbon filter-fitted air extractor installed in the trimming room - though not primarily for the benefit of the trimmers. The most important reason for this is to keep the location secret, because it happens quite. Making the same monotonous movements with the same hand, hour after hour, not infrequently produces pains - and these can lead to the eventual burnout of the trimmer. 'We just can't make it any more fun than this: The Aardvark at the worktop. frequently that growing activities are discovered at the very last stage thanks to the smell. Other aids found in the trimming room include rubber gloves, which prevent trimmers' fingers becoming all gooey with sticky hairs in just a few minutes, trimming overalls and various cleaning fluids for the removal of said sticky stuff. As well as the economic aspect of mechanical trimming there is also a strong argument in favour of trimming machines: the ergonomics.

Trimming with the traditional scissors is still generally considered to be the most accurate trimming technique, but has the drawback that it takes longer and trimmers need regular breaks from it. More importantly for the trimmer (and eventually for the client) is the heavy strain on the muscles and tendons of the hand. Making the same monotonous movements with the same hand, hour after hour, not infrequently produces pains - and these can lead to the eventual burnout of the trimmer. Thanks to the variety of movements that using trim machines make possible, this risk is reduced with their use. Already by the beginning of the 1990s the first trim machines had appeared on the market. The Canadian Power Clipper was in all probability the first, a by present standards rather primitive and rather dangerous tool that was imported from Canada by the Pollinator Company. Switzerland made a play for the market with the Stripper and the Hanf Turbo Cleaner. All these machines made use of a vacuum cleaner that served to draw the leaf material towards the blade and then remove the trimmed waste and trap it somehow for eventual making into hashish. In the meantime there have been a number of alternatives made available, and these have often elaborated on the principles used in these first trimming machines. Glawill produces the Kermit trim machine, that's available in two versions, the first with a single cutting head, the second equipped with two. 'Kermit keeps on trimming, he doesn't smoke, moan or chatter!', says the company in its promotional material. Housed in a robust metal casing is a shaft inside of which is a rotating drill. Via the opening in the shaft the bud is drawn along the drill, on which the rough covering leaves are snipped off and the connected vacuum cleaner sucks away the leaf waste. This can be used later for making skuff or water hash. By varying the suction power, even the smallest buds can be processed. For anyone not producing on an industrial scale but who has lost a brother to the soul-destroying hand trimming, there is the chance to rent a Kermit (or another trim machine) from their grow shop. Not infrequently this is turned into a purchase after the positive experience. The gizmo functions best, according to the makers, with fresh - therefore wet - material. Hans from Glawill says: "In Switzerland they leave the plants to hang for two or three days before they set to work with the trim machine, but you shouldn't leave them to dry for any longer than that. Working with dried plants, you tend to suck away too many resin glands, and you therefore lose some of the potency of your weed." The eye-catching design of the Canna Cutter has further advantages: the three-legged apparatus makes less noise than the machines that are connected up to a vacuum cleaner. What's more, it can more or less be used independently without it being necessary for a trimmer to be stood behind it the whole time. He can then be busy with the rough trim work and throwing the prepared buds into the drum, whereupon the Canna Cutter quickly and automatically does its trimming job. The apparatus is fitted with a rotating knife that is under a grid. The distance between the grid and the knife is precisely the same as the distance the leaves stick. Trimming is not always necessary straight after the harvest.

For those growers who just raise small quantities for their own consumption, it is perhaps even better to not do so. Instead, hand the whole plant upside down in a drying space and just clean up buds as and when you want them. Do make sure that the plants are not touching each other and that there is enough ventilation, otherwise mould can easily take hold. In this way you can store your buds for longer because the leaves have not been damaged and the resinous bits actually improve due to their exposure to light and oxygen, which according to connoisseurs improves the flavour of the weed. Around the grid is an open drum with a Plexiglas lid. Since the whole thing vibrates, the pre-trimmed buds bobble around over each other, so that all the buds get a turn having their rough leaves removed. The waste is left behind in a tub under the machine. The Aardvark is also a machine that makes use of a vacuum cleaner. With this apparatus, with which according to the distributor 'trimming is once again FUN,' liveliness is the key word.

The cutting head with a built-in motor is housed in a separate handle that can be fixed directly to the vacuum cleaner hose. Thanks to the loose cutting head there is no fixed place where the buds have to be inserted, and this gives the trimmer a greater degree of freedom of movement and allows more flexible movements to be used for the manicuring. Here again, the trimmer can vary the suction power in order to be able to carefully trim even the smallest buds. The trim waste is sucked away and caught in the vacuum cleaner's bag.


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