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Due to this, it makes a lot of sense why those that use marijuana would be interested in also lighting their marijuana using hemp, as it is rather like using every single part of the plant in a single process. If you have ever been a diehard butane lighter user, or you just want to try and experience something a bit different, give hemp wicks a try – as long as you know what you are doing, it is a piece of cake. Inexpensive, portable safety devices to take with you when you travel. Are you worried about the security of your hotel room when you travel?

You never really know who else has a key to your room, or how good the locks and deadbolts actually are. Luckily, there are several easy, inexpensive ways to secure the room more effectively. The simplest way to add extra security to your hotel room is with a rubber door wedge, and many travelers swear by them. They're cheap, take up almost no space in your bag, and can be set up in just a few seconds. You simply place the thin end under the door jam; then gently kick the wedge into place to secure it. Door wedges work best on hard surfaces like wood or tile, although some do come with a Velcro strip to stop them from sliding on carpet. For extra security, you can also buy models that come with an alarm that will sound when the wedge is disturbed. The door you're securing has to open inwards for the wedge to be effective.

Most hotel doors do, but it's something to bear in mind. Another straightforward approach to securing your room is by using a portable door lock. These come in several shapes and styles, but they all work in a similar way, preventing the door from opening inwards. Again, for that reason, they won't protect you when the door to your room opens out into the corridor. Most portable locks have one piece that fits into the metal plate where the existing latch or lock goes, and another that sits across the back of the door. When locked in place, these prevent the door from opening unless someone physically breaks it down—not the most subtle of approaches. A few portable locks take a different approach, with a piece that slides under the door jam, and a plate that screws down onto the floor. When someone tries to open the door, the horizontal force is transferred into vertical pressure that secures the lock more tightly in place. You'll get some protection if your room has carpeted floors, but not as much. If you'd like to protect more than just the entry door to your room, consider a motion detection alarm. These infrared sensors can be placed facing a window, door, or anywhere else in the room (other than your bed), and will alarm when they detect movement. Make sure you choose a model that has sufficient range (at least 10 feet, but more is better), and will automatically re-arm itself if you're planning on using it when you're out of the room. If you're protecting a window, be aware of flapping curtains and swaying tree branches when choosing the right position for the alarm. Some can also be used as personal security devices, with loud alarms that can be quickly activated in an emergency, so look for that feature if it's important to you. Check prices for motion detection alarms on Amazon. While it won't prevent access to the room, a door alarm should scare away all but the most determined of thieves. There are different versions, but a common type hangs from the door handle, with two metal prongs or blades that are pushed between the door and its frame. When the door opens, the prongs come apart, and a loud alarm sounds. It's a simple but effective technique, with the advantage that it will work on any door type, including those that open outwards. These alarms typically only take a few seconds to set up, so you don't need to spend ages messing around every time you leave or come back to the room. There is one good, inexpensive option on Amazon, but there are also many others. Finally, if your door has a deadbolt, but you're concerned about staff and others still having access with a spare key, the Lock Locker will help set your mind at ease. It's a two-part device, with a long flat section that fits around the handle and a round piece that fits over most deadbolts. Set both pieces up, combine the two, and you've got a system that makes it pretty much impossible for anyone to open the deadbolt from the outside, whether they have a key or not. This $12 alarm can make your hotel room safer at night. Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

Vacation is a time to relax, but even the most serene getaways can be stressful when you’re in an unfamiliar place. That's why Jill Dressel, a private flight attendant who travels frequently, decided to buy the Belle Hop travel door alarm. During her flight attendant training, Dressel was shown videos depicting how easy it is to open swing bar locks on hotel doors. She had heard of this tiny travel alarm from colleagues, and purchased it to feel safer while traveling for work. This site is protected by recaptcha Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. "When you're staying in a hotel, you never know what kind of lock you'll have on your door," Dressel told TODAY. "This is a really loud alarm that not only scares a person from coming in but also gives you time to get up.” How does it work? The battery-operated device has two thin metal blades that slide into the crack between the door and doorframe. There’s also a cord that you can loop around the door handle to keep it in place. Once you set the alarm, if anyone opens the door, the movement of the blades triggers a motion sensor and makes a very loud noise.

Thieves often target hotel rooms with tools and tricks, posing a risk to both you and your belongings. Since you can only set up this alarm while you're in the room, and you'll only hear it if you're within earshot, you should still use the safety box or take other precautions to protect your things. If someone tries to get into the room while you're there, though, this alarm could be a lifesaver.


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