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The Solo 2 retails for $239 but you can click here to pick one up from my recommend authorized retailer for $169. Read on below to get my full Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer review. Size: The overall size is the least appealing feature of the Solo 2. While it can be pocketed, I’d much rather use it at home out on the deck or chilling watching a movie.

It is slimmer than the OG Solo but actually weighs more overall. Portability: I consider the OG Solo and the new SOLO 2 home use type vaporizers. Meaning they are better suited for carrying room to room or hanging out in the yard grilling. They CAN be pocketed for use on the go but not only do you have a 210 gram hunk of metal in your pocket, you’re also carrying around a glass stem. Now don’t get me wrong, it can be done and it’s a great vaporizer to take on a hike through the woods. But it’s not the best if you plan on doing anything a little more aggressive like biking, skiing, skating, etc… Falling with the glass stem in your pocket doesn’t sound like fun. Build Quality: The one thing that seems will never change with Arizer products is the overall quality and craftsmanship of their products. I’ve literally seen a picture of a dude that ran over his OG Solo with his car and the unit still worked.

The display is very bright, easy to read and can be dimmed if needed. It’s just a quality made vaporizer from a quality company. The outer shell is a brushed finish and seems fairly resistant to scratches. Really the only thing that you’ll ever have to worry about breaking is the glass stem. Luckily it does come with two and they are fairly inexpensive if you need an extra or two. Display: Powered on the device will show the current temp, pre-set temp and your current battery life. The menu lets you change the audio (off, low, medium, high), the session length timer, Farhenheit or celcius, display brightness (low, medium, high), and the time needed to power on the device (4, 6, 8 seconds). With the Solo 2 you get two mouthpieces (with silicone caps), one short and one long. You also get a potpourri dish, and external DC wall charger and a slick little carrying case. Lastly, you get some cleaning tools, extra screens and the Solo 2 itself. First couple hits are weaker until the bowl becomes a bit more heat soaked. Hold the top button and menu button simultaneously to turn on the solo 2. The unit does NOT automatically begin heating when powered on. Need to press the up arrow to begin heating the bowl. You can change it to anything between 5-15 minutes. I recommend setting it to 7-8 minutes to save battery life and herb if you forget that it’s running. Vapor Quality: Arizer vaporizers are known for superior taste with smooth, cool vapor. They have used the most powerful heater yet in the Solo 2 and I feel like the overall consistency is much better because of that. The OG Solo and the Air will definitely push out huge clouds as well but it takes a bit more time to get there. Draw Resistance: Not only is the heater more powerful, but they also decreased the overall draw resistance meaning that it’s easier to draw from. I’d say the overall draw resistance is down about 25% from the OG solo. The main thing that will increase draw resistance is letting debris collect on the screen in the stem. Make sure and brush out the bowl immediately after a session when possible to keep down on cleaning and draw resistance. Usage Tips: First and foremost, the Solo 2 will need a medium coarse grind for the best results.

A fine grind will produce the thickest clouds but you’re more likely to get treats. Finer materials will also clog up the screen faster which increases draw resistance and routine maintenance. I prefer to use my Space Grinder or the Santa Cruz Shredder for best results. The other tip I have for the Solo 2 is to slow down your draw until you feel barely any resistance. Think of it like sipping through a thick milkshake. Lastly, if you’re trying to save herb for another session or keep down on the smell, I recommend turning off the unit towards the end of your session and continuing to take a couple rips until the unit cools down. This will help get the most out of your herbs and also save a bit of battery life. Cleaning: The biggest issue with the Arizer products in general is the screen in the stems. Materials will collect in the screen if you don’t brush out the chamber after every session. This will increase draw resistance and decrease overall enjoyment.

The unit itself requires practically zero cleaning or maintenance. Maintenance: There’s really no way that you can completely avoid getting materials in the screens. However, you can slow down the process by emptying the chamber out immediately after a session and brushing out any materials leftover.


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