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METALFORMS Unbreakable Bowl Piece for Bongs Official Review. I love it when new products come in for review that actually solves a real problem that stoners have. Beyond the common nightmare of a drop or knocking over your expensive glass bong, the less talked about but the more likely problem most face with bongs is the glass bowl breaking. Just in the past few years, I have broken 3-4 glass bowls, one of them being unique to the glass bong I bought. This is such an annoyance and the bowls they have at the local shops never really match your piece’s style the way it should. Ordering a new one direct from the glass company is a hassle and might not even be available at all. METALFORMS recognized this and have truly created something that will last a lifetime. Their unbreakable bowl piece for your bong will pretty much last forever and will not break when dropped or mishandled by clumsy friends. The METALFORMS unbreakable bowl piece for your bong is not your typical “metal bowl” you buy from the gas station.

This unbreakable bowl is made of aircraft grade aluminum and high precision CNC turning machines in their manufacturing process. This not only ensures durability, it also provides fast cooling and easy cleaning because of the design and surface anodizing treatment methods used. The anodizing treatment also allows for METALFORMS to add beautiful bold colors to the unbreakable bowl piece then they finish it off with a high-energy laser engraving of their logo. The METALFORMS team is based out of Vienna, Austria and makes all of its high-quality products entirely in Austria and Germany. There is no doubt that once you get the METALFORMS unbreakable bowl in your hands you can tell it’s high quality and well thought out. The biggest concerns I had with the METALFORMS unbreakable bowl was how hot it would get with repeated use and would it make my bud taste metallic-like. With dozens of bowls smoked thus far, I have yet to experience any heating above slight warmth of the bowl with repeated use. This is all possible due to the design and surface treatment it receives. The typical “metal bowl” you may find at a gas station will not have the same treatment and not be made of the same material. I also have yet to notice any difference in taste between using my American Made glass bowls and this METALFORMS unbreakable bowl. Even scraping the bowl clean has not caused any scratches or color shavings to come off the bowl. Those are definitely things you want to pay attention to when using any metal products, does the color scrape off? If so, that is no good and more than likely you are smoking toxic chemicals unknowingly. We can confidently say that METALFORMS unbreakable bowl will not cause any toxins to accompany your next smoke session. In my mind, this product is a no-brainer for anyone who smokes water bongs often. At just about $36 USD, plus shipping, you are only paying about $10-$20 more than you would for an American Made glass bowl yet this is guaranteed to last 100x longer. The METALFORMS unbreakable bowl comes in two models, CE-1 and SE-2, which both are aesthetically pleasing and will look good on most pieces. They have 4 different colors available: gold, steel-blue, copper-orange and matt-black. They are extremely easy to clean, you can check out our 10 Products That Keep Your Bong Clean article for cleaning product ideas. Published by Ross on January 29, 2020 January 29, 2020. Smoking is an incredibly dangerous habit which many individuals find very difficult to pack in.

Some adults will have started smoking way back when they were children if their parents did; which most likely has led to a lifetime of smoking. When coming to quit, it’s no lie that most smokers will have a pack of cigarettes stashed somewhere creative so that they won’t be found out by their partners, parents and loved ones. Their thoughts being, if they are craving the occasional one, they can get one out of their trusty stash. If you have no idea where you can hide cigarettes then your in luck as you may not have thought about some in this list. If your partner or parents have the idea that you may still be smoking, the first place they are going to look is going to be in your bedroom. For this reason, although it’s out of your comfort zone, it’s best to hide them elsewhere. If you have a garage why not hide them in a bag amongst the pile of rubbish you most likely have in there. You could hide your cigarettes within a waterproof plastic bag, pull out your flowers and hide them underneath within the pot. Not for one minute will your partner think of taking out the plants looking for cigarettes! Although it’s not the best idea to hide items within your room, you may be forced to.

If you were to hide them in your bedroom, it would be a good idea to stash them in a bag of some sort underneath your bed. People tend to leave all sorts of boxes and paperwork underneath to make space, so why not hide a packet amongst them. One great way to disguise and hide objects, in general, is in secret safes. I have conducted a list of the best secret safes you can buy right now which you can view.


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