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  • Started 11 years ago by maffew
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Hey y’all. So I was wondering if anyone else would like to use this forum as a kind of means of sharing Spoon tabs. I noticed that they do this on the Deerhunter forum and they, as a result, have a bunch of awesome Deerhunter and Atlas Sound tabs that otherwise wouldn’t be on the internet. Ultimate-Guitar has a pretty good collection of Spoon tabs, but there’s some ones that they don’t have and of which I crave (and of which, I guess, I’m not really good enough to figure out on my own). I have figured out most of “Advance Cassette” I think though and Black Like Me (mostly from that one video of him playing it backstage) for guitar. I’ll post if anyone’s interested. And if anyone has any other songs tabbed out, it would be awesome if you shared (especially the ones that aren’t already on the internet). Like, any guitar tabs for any songs off Soft Effects, for instance, would be awesome (or really just anything). Or even piano tabs would be really really cool. I especially want to learn the Sister Jack piano demo or Carryout Kids if anyone knows either of them!

This is Matthew again (different account. I forgot my password). It seems as though my tab idea wasn’t of great popularity. But I figured out the chords (I think) to My Little Jap Cigarette Case today and thought I might as well share. Just in case there is anyone that might be interested.

| G | F# | Bm | C | Bm | Bbaug | D | A/E |

Bbaug = x143xx
A5/E = x779xx

Hey, thanks! I appreciate it – didn’t have any tabs to give you at the time, but I did spot this for you:

Not a bad lesson. I’m think I’m going to give it a try, myself.

I could get into this. I play all music by ear mostly. I play a lot of Spoon songs, just never have time to sit and tab them. I personally like jamming to their older stuff (where you can really bash your electric guitar). Like “Don’t Buy the Realistic” and “Dismember” off Telephono. “Utilitarian” “Guest List/Reservations” and “Junes Foreign Spell” off A Series. are some of my fav tunes. Well I can tab and just put out the chords whatever people want. Any requests?

I’ve got a ways to go, so, for the sake of this thread, tab “Utilitarian”, please – if not for me, then for the interested shy people.

I was playing through Utilitarian last night. It’s played like a standard 3 chord rock song. Pretty simple “power chord” driven song. Between the 4th and 6th frets. But I’m working right now, so I’ll try to put it up tonight sometime!

Thanks! that I Summon You tutorial is great.
& I figured out the chords for Lines in the Suit (from watching that awesome vid of Britt Daniel playing it in London: )

(I’m not sure exactly what one would interpret as being the verses and choruses in this song, but I just labelled them according to their sequence in the song)


| Am | (x4) —&you might want to trying alternating between the open (low) E string and the A at the 5th fret of the E string (this being if you play the Am as a bar chord. I suppose you could just as easily do this with the open (a-string) Am chord and hit the open low E). Ah, I’m finding this difficult to explain. So you could do a riff like 577xxx 0xxxxx 577xxx 0xxxxx 577xxx 0xxxxx or something like that (and so that would be one bar, so you would do that riff 4 times in the intro, and the same for the interlude). You’ll probably know what I mean when you listen to the song.

Verse: (“I’m on a straight. ”, “I’m listenin’ to. ”)

| Am | Dm | E | (x7 I think)

&then 2 bars of A between the verse and prechorus (the 2 bars begin (chord change from E to A) when Britt’s saying “know” in the line “he’s painting it out like I don’t want to know” at the end of the first verse & on “too” for “there’s got to be something more than that too” @ the end of the second)

Pre-chorus: (“the picture has come down. ”, “the human resources clerk. ”)

Chorus: (“what could have been easier. ”, “it could have been good by now. ”)

| Dm | F | G | A | (x4)

& instead of playing the A on the 4th time around, play Am and do the intro again (four bars of Am, & if you like alternating between the E and A bass notes)

———> [intro/interlude][verse][pre-chorus][chorus] [intro/interlude][verse][pre-chorus][chorus] [intro/interlude][verse(but only x3 this time and end on Am)]

I apologize if this seems a bit disorganized and confusing, for it’s really not a very difficult song to play.

Spoon Message Board Spoon Message Board » discuss / review Spoon Tabs Started 11 years ago by maffew Latest reply from monkfishblues Hey y’all. So I was wondering if anyone

How to Properly Shotgun a Beer

Like your mother always said, “practice makes perfect.”

Caitie Veech

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Have you ever tried to shotgun a beer, only to have it spill all over you? Well, here’s your chance at redemption. We’re going to give you a step by step tutorial showing you how to shotgun a beer like a champion. We asked highly skilled party boys for their tips, and compiled it into a fun little lesson for you. So, fear no more, embrace your inner college student, and let loose at your next party with these helpful hints.

1. Get some beer

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Run down to your liquor store, or go to a frat party, to find some quality (read: shitty, but affordable) beer. This step is key because without beer, how can you shotgun? Check out the ranking of college beers here to figure out which one you should buy.

2. Commit

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You have to get into the mindset that you’re going to finish the whole beer. If you start doubting yourself, you will definitely not be able to drink it all.

3. Tilt the beer

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Tilt the beer horizontally so that you can poke a whole where your mouth goes. Make sure the bottom part of the can is a little higher so that there’s an air bubble. When you poke the air pocket, it prevents the beer from spraying everywhere.

4. Stab the can

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You’re going to want to aim for the air bubble, and you have to put some force into it. Don’t stab at it so hard that the can breaks and beer sprays everywhere, but let the can know who’s in charge.

5. Understand what you’re about to do

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It’s going to happen fast, so mentally prepare yourself in the last few seconds before you try to drink a whole beer in ten seconds. To get you in the mindset, figure out what beer you are, first.

6. Get into position

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You’re going to want to get into a good stance: legs apart, head back, get a lean going. Leaning and tilting your head back is super key; it helps the beer go down your throat smoothly

7. Go for it

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Put your mouth to the can, crack the tab, and let it flow. You got this; it’s so much easier than people think it is, you just have to relax. This is going to go fast, and if that isn’t your style, learn how to taste beer like a pro.

8. Burp it out

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You did it! Now, you probably fee like you might throw up, but don’t be afraid to let out a big ol’ burp. It’s a super common reaction, so let it go. Everyone’s too impressed with your flawless shotgun to care.

9. Reflect

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Now that that’s over, take a breather. Everyone’s dazzled by your skills, so be happy that you don’t have to do that for a while, or go in for more. You’re the only one who knows your limit, so don’t let anyone else affect your judgement.

Now that you’re a party pro, go show off some skills at your next soiree. Your friends will be really impressed, and will probably ask you, the shotgun guru, for some tips. Definitely remember to always be careful when you’re drinking, though, and always look out for your buddies. Safe partying, friends.

Looking for the proper way to shotgun a beer? Here's how.