spoon me to death

what movie quoted: ‘what are you going to do, spoon me to death. ‘?

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Mystery Men. maybe. I’m not sure. Apparently, it’s quite a debate.

I think it’s from The Mask of Zorro. the scene is where Anthony Hopkins is training Antonio Banderas to be Zorro. Banderas has a sword in hand and Hopkins picks up a spoon. Banderas says, “What are you going to do, spoon me to death?” and Hopkins dis-arms Banderas with the spoon.

I don’t have the movie anymore, but can any confirm this?

Another Message Board showed “Whole 9 Yards,” with Bruce Willis. Sounds like a line Bruce would use.

I know this exists in some movie but until I find the proof, I too am not sure. Someone let us know if the line is in the Whole 9 Yards.

It doesn’t exist in a film but a television show. I can sort-of picture the scene: it takes place in a kitchen, and one of the characters is mock defending hisself and the other character says “What are you going to do? Spoon me to death?” because he grabbed a spoon, not a knife or fork.

I feel like it’s from “Two and a Half Men” or “8 Simple Rules” or something.

It’s from The Ref

Shaun of the dead?

or anything Scott Evil said from the austin powers series.

So many movies and tv show are going through my head right now.

what movie quoted: 'what are you going to do, spoon me to death???'? ]]>