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However, if you only extract on occasion and your main focus is a tool for steam, this is the tool for you! Fill out this form, and we'll send the email for you. Harness the power chemical-free cleaning at home with the Italian-made Vapor Clean Alfa Steam Cleaner. Offering 65 PSI of steam pressure, the 1,500-watt residential steam cleaner features a 2-liter, continuous fill 302-degree F stainless steel boiler, and the short 8-foot flexible cleaning hose prevents decreases in heat and condensation of dry vapor steam. Easily clean various surfaces around the home with the adjustable steam pressure control and 15 cleaning accessories.

This cleaner is perfect for tackling ovens, sanitizing, floors and grout, eliminating bed bugs, carpet stains, and pet odors. Other features include a lightweight, slim stainless-steel body, low water indicator, pressure gauge, swivel caster wheels, and more. This 10-inch wide residential steam cleaner delivers on high-temperature, dry vapor steam with the internal stainless-steel boiler. Standard tap water easily reaches 302 degrees F, fed by the continuous fill 2-liter reservoir, easily releasing dry vapor steam through an 8-foot flexible cleaning hose. A 65-PSI steam pressure is easily adjusted with the turn of the steam pressure adjustment knob. Use slow, steady steam to maintain dry vapor steam with a high temperature, or opt for firm, quick steam release for blasting away grease, caked-on food, and set-in stains. With 15 cleaning accessories and the 8-foot flexible cleaning hose, your cleaning regime strengthens, creating useful solutions for cleaning a variety of surfaces—hard flooring, upholstery, grout, and more. Clean deep down with cleaning accessories, such as: Rectangular Brush : Clean floors—hardwoods, carpets, tiles, or area rugs—to help loosen and lift tracked in dirt. Use one of the included microfiber towels for hardwoods, and use the bristle floor brush for carpeting.

Walls: Handprints and dirt stains can be removed with the use of the two extension tubes, bristle brush, and a microfiber towel. Jet Nozzles: Get at bathroom and kitchen fixtures, grooves, and cracks with ease with the either two of the modulated jet nozzles, offering a pressurized use of steam. Brass + Nylon Brushes: Lift and remove dirt with the brass and nylon brushes, and use with the two included jet nozzles for superior grime removal. This compact steam cleaner condenses the power of commercial steam cleaners into a 10-inch wide, 13-inch deep lightweight stainless-steel design. A high-gloss enamel paint exterior resists corrosion and rust for long-term use. The lightweight housing design features a durable top carrying handle for moving up and down stairs, while the swivel, plastic caster wheels glide across carpets and hardwoods for flexible cleaning. At just 8-inches high, the steam cleaner sits close to the floor. Low Water Indicator : A low water indicator light alerts you refill the boiler. Silicone Wires : Sealed silicone wires insulate wiring. Safety Cap : A pressure safety cap keeps water under pressure but easily removes to refill the boiler. Temperature Safety Thermostat : A pressure gauge alerts you when the water is ready. Warranty : Backed by an impressive warranty, parts are covered for 5 years and the boiler system and heating element are covered with a limited lifetime warranty. Diversify your cleaning at home with the lightweight, durable Vapor Clean Alfa Steam Cleaner. High Temperature Boiler : The 302-degree F boiler and short 8-foot flexible hose preserves the dry vapor steam and high temperature without pressure and temperature loss. Residential : This appliance is best for residential use. For commercial cleaning jobs, consider one of our commercial steam cleaners. Vapor Clean Alfa Steam Cleaner 8-Foot Flexible Cleaning Hose Extension Tubes (x 2) Bristled floor brush with clips Floor brush glider Window Squeegee Triangle brush with clips Jet nozzle 3 Hole Jet Nozzle Medium round brush Triangle medium brush Fill bottle Fill bottle tops (x 2) Mixed detail brushes (x 10) Microfiber towels (x 2) Stainless Scrubbie Large cotton floor towel Owner's Manual. 5-Year Limited Parts Warranty; Limited Lifetime Boiler + Heating Element Warranty. Moisture isn't that big a problem compared to the main reason for LSD degrading ie temp it's stored at. Anyway, if you store LSD at say -18'C (average freezer operating temp), the amount of water vapour in te air is negligable. Every drop of 10'C doubles the effective life of the LSD (an increase of 10'C generally doubles the rate of any chemical reaction and LSD degredation is subject to the same chemical kinetics as it is due to a conversion to the more stable d-isoLSD). Compared with storage at room temp (say 22'C), storing it in a freezer extends the life of LSD 16 fold. If you wrap them up in plastic foil and keep away from heat and light, they may last the rest of your life. Light, heat and (to some extent) oxygen are what you want to avoid. Moisture will not degrade LSD to any material extent.

UV light and any other reactive material (which could include water, or oxygen) will cause degradation.

Adding a weak organic acid, such as ascorbic acid, should help prevent degradation. Pages: 1 Shop: Kratom Powder for Sale CBD Edibles Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> The Psychedelic Experience Threaded Previous Index Next Similar Threads Poster Views Replies Last post Storeing LSD AVShroomer 1,928 4 07/13/06 04:53 AM by indica Storing LSD JoyBaby 3,416 12 11/08/04 07:36 PM by Ekstaza what kind of lsd is going around your area pash420 2,307 7 05/18/01 07:02 PM by MrTechnoShaman storing omniscientlore 762 5 10/23/03 08:17 AM by mjshroomer Can one empathically affect liquid LSD?


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