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When used in locations that are vulnerable to rodent attack, all plastic pipes and fittings should be adequately protected within sealed ducts. Speedfit products, along with other materials such as electrical cables may be damaged if rodents are present. If vermin infestation is suspected then a rodent exterminator should take appropriate action. No taste, colour, odour or toxicity is imparted to water by Speedfit components, nor do they promote microbiological growth.

In accordance with BS7291 : Part 1 Clause 6.7, the opacity of both pipes and fittings allows insufficient light to pass for the growth of algae. Tests within the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme have approved Speedit pipe and fittings to BS 6920 for water quality. On completion of the plumbing and heating system it is essential that system checking and a hydraulic wet test takes place. Connections to boilers, radiators and sanitary ware should first be capped or plugged. Testing should be carried out at 2 bar for 10 minutes followed by 10 bar for 10 minutes. This testing, combined with other relevant checks, should reveal most system problems. Any components within the system not designed to take these pressures should be disconnected.Before carrying out a pressure test ensure all Speedfit pipe and fittings are installed correctly.

Speedfit Barrier Pipe is printed with insertion marks to help ensure full insertion has been achieved. Remember that pressure testing is NOT a substitute for making sure fittings are clean and free of any grit, dirt or swarf and the pipe is correctly inserted (see “ How to Make a Connection “). With existing systems, flushing prior to the use of Speedfit is essential to remove any harmful contamination or chemical residues from elsewhere in the system. For the installation of central heating systems flushing procedures must be in line with BS7593 code of practice for treatment of water in domestic hot water heating systems. Flux residues used in the soldering of capillary fittings are very corrosive. Dirt and grit, which can enter the system when Speedfit pipe is being pushed through underfloor or across a roof space, must be removed. During the commissioning of a heating system, all air must be removed from the system before the boiler is allowed to fire. This will ensure pockets of air do not cause localised overheating within the system as this could have a detrimental affect on the pipework and boiler. For further advice on chemical flushing agents and inhibitor treatments, the following manufacturers should be contacted: Fernox Manufacturing Limited on 01799 550811 or Sentinel Betz Dearborn Limited on 0151 420 9595. Speedfit can be disinfected with chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) after installation. Domestic systems are disinfected with a solution of chlorine with a concentration of 50ppm (mg/l) for one hour. The concentration should not be less that 30ppm at all draw off points after this time. ozone and hydrogen peroxide) are now in common use. Only those specifically recommended as suitable for contact with plastic plumbing systems and, where necessary, employing specialist contractors may be used with Speedfit. Disinfection solutions must only come into contact with the internal (wet) surfaces of the system. If any normally dry surfaces of a Speedfit fitting come into contact with disinfection solution the whole fitting must be replaced immediately. The disinfection solution must be immediately flushed out at all draw off points with fresh, wholesome water at the end of the disinfection period. The JG Speedfit Technical Advisory Service is available to assist and advise on all aspects of using the Speedfit system. The service is available between 8.00am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday on Telephone No. Products within this Online Guide are designed for use within UK plumbing and heating installations or in other countries where similar installation requirements apply. For more information on products suitable for use in other countries please consult our Technical Advisory Service.

We take pride in the quality of our products and all complaints are investigated thoroughly. If you have a problem with a Speedfit Product please return both fitting and pipe to us for investigation. We will need at least 50mm of pipe to ensure an accurate analysis. If there is a suspicion that the pipe is faulty, please provide marking details from the pipe. Pipe will be distorted showing either a ‘Parrot beak’ look or a long opening with the edges of the pipe melted in a wave shape. Identification: A ‘Parrot beak’ will have been formed by the pipe bursting due to the water freezing.

If the pipe has a melted appearance it will have been subject to a temperature in excess of 128 degrees Celsius. This will have been caused by direct contact with a heat source such as a blowtorch or flue pipe or by water or steam within the system rising above safety levels.


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