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The company’s popularity continues to grow, with over 100,000 likes on Facebook, and counting, as well as praise from some of the music industry’s top names. Celebrities who back the brand include 2 Chainz, Miley Cyrus, Mark Cloudy Goodger, and Tyga. Tyga, Creative Director and Investor of Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers.

The hip hop world has a fascination with using Shine Papers to show their baller lifestyle. It makes sense given how commonplace smoking weed is within these particular music circles, as are pricey bottles of champagne. For example, American rapper 2 Chainz used Shine’s 24-karat gold rolling papers within his cannabis smoking session in the GQ web series “Most Expensive Shit.” In November of 2014, rapper Tyga invested 5M USD in Shine 24K Gold brand, and took the position of Creative Director with the rolling paper company. Another celebrity endorsement came from singer Miley Cyrus when she included Shine papers in the merchandise selection for her Bangerz tour. These rolling papers caught the eyes of her fan base because of how different they were than regular papers. As for the 24k gold leaf that covers the paper’s exterior, it is food grade.

While healthy smoking does not exist, the gold on Shine papers stays on the ashes, as per the company’s FAQ page. As per research done on rats in May of 2011 (which is cited by Shine Papers on their website), the levels of gold nanoparticles inhaled over a period of 90 days (five days per week, for six hours a day) were not significant enough to have any severe effects. The chances are good that you are not going to smoke Shine gold leaf papers at the frequency of these rats, and the company contends that there are no reported cases of anybody getting sick from their gold rolling papers (as per their FAQ page). Currently, there are no known health risks associated with smoking edible gold. Users appreciate that the gold papers roll the same way as any regular RYO brand. They come in all the usual sizes and include a glue strip, just like the competitors. Of course, the gold rolling papers are pricier than most other brands, which suits its image as deluxe and elegant, so it is wise to keep them for special occasions rather than daily consumption. Shine offers several kinds of 24k gold rolling papers, which makes for great variety when it comes to smoking weed but also can be a little overwhelming when shopping for the gold leaf papers the first time. There is no need to be intimidated, though, as this review has you covered. Here are the ins and outs of the Shine Paper collection so that you can decide which rolling papers are best for you. As per usual, a 1 1/4 size will hold about 25 percent more than a single wide rolling paper. The gold 1 1/4 papers come in 2-sheet or 12-sheet packs. You can also order a single sheet at a time from some shops. Obviously, buying a pack at a time is cheaper than just a sheet. Shine gold 1 1/4 rolling papers burn evenly and slowly, rather than running as soon as you light them. Essentially, they burn more like a cigar than a regular rolling paper. The sheets are surprisingly durable, considering the outside is made of gold leaf. In humid environments, for example, the paper won’t shrivel up on you or go brittle. As earlier stated, they roll like a normal rolling paper; all you have to do is fill, roll, and smoke the hemp-and-gold paper. The glue is sticky enough that it stays rolled, too, which will save you rolling time and make for a less frustrating experience. If you are new to rolling, it’s recommended that you practice your technique with cheaper papers rather than wasting the more expensive ones. Once you develop your skill, move on to the luxurious gold papers. Or, you may also want to try the 1 1/4 white gold papers from Shine. They look like silver, which is a fun alternative to gold without being unsafe like inhaling the real metal. Also known as “The White,” the two-sheet pack features handcrafted paper from the finest edible silver and edible gold, with a hemp base. Choose gold king size papers for those special times when you want to fill your joint with more weed than usual. As the golden ash drops on the ashtray, you will be the talk of your social circle.

Shine gold king size rolling papers are endorsed by hip hop artist Tyga himself. In 2014, the rapper Tyga invested $5 million in Shine gold rolling papers and the result was a line of king size Tyga x Shine Gold Rolling Papers. Although the king size and special Tyga papers are harder to find than other Shine products, they measure about 100mm long by 53mm wide, which gives you plenty of space to fill and roll them. As with any size of Shine Papers, the gold papers are edible with no impurities. While they cost more than regular rolling papers, you get a unique product, and they do not contain any questionable materials. Most cannabis connoisseurs use the 24k gold sheets as a treat rather than a go-to paper for their daily smoke. When you do decide to light the Shine rolling papers, the burn is consistent and enjoyable. Unlike with some other brands, Shine king size papers do not create annoying runs. Instead, they burn slowly and evenly so you can have a lengthier smoke than you might otherwise (and show off the gold look longer, too). The 24 karat gold cones from Shine are another option.

They come pre-rolled and are a great alternative to hand-rolling papers yourself.


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