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The adjustable battery voltage on the SOURCE orb takes care of this problem. Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, all of the atomizers use Grade 2 Titanium coils and silica wick, which are “safe to vape” elements. For these reasons, if asked for my opinion, I would recommend the SOURCE orb for any avid smoker looking for a discreet alternative to smoking. SOURCEvapes is no longer operational as of early 2019.SOURCEvapes was founded on April 20th, 2012 with the purpose of delivering innovative products at affordable prices with an exemplary customer service.In May 2014, they introduced the … FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLAIMER - These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

PLEASE USE THE CODE '30PERCENT' AT CHECKOUT TO RECEIVE 30% OFF THIS ITEM. 4 Different Concentrate Atomizers Stainless Steel 303 construction Magnetic Lock for easier loading Variable Airflow System (VAS) with 5 Different Settings Threaded atomizers for easier changing USA-tested 100% Real Grade Titanium 3 Grade 1 Titanium Double Coil atomizers Black Ceramic Double Coil atomizer for runny oils SOURCE nail Grade 2 Titanium coil-less atomizer Works with SOURCE nail, orb 3 and orb 4 atomizers 510 threaded Sub-ohm capable battery required. ALL SALES ON SOURCE VAPES PRODUCTS ARE FINAL WITH NO WARRANTY COVERED AS SOURCE VAPES IS OUT OF BUSINESS. Domestic orders of $200 and over will receive FREE SHIPPING! Verified Vaporizer merchants & GeoTrust SSL secured site. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express! Email us & we will try to add it to our store the same day! We provide the best desk-top & portable vaporizers on the market today at a competitive price.

The VapeLife Store, shipping vaporizers since 2012. Buy awesome vape pens and other vaporizer accessories for your 420 vape needs. Join our email blast list and be the first to receive awesome discounts & loyalty codes. There is no way to better distinguish a gentleman from a boor, than by the method used to toast his cigar. Factoring in more than just the type of lighter used, one can tell a lot from the style chosen by the cigar or pipe smoking gentleman. Granted, there must be some time allotted for the young man who has never enjoyed a fine cigar and pulls out a gas station lighter. However, for any nobleman who engages in the delight of smoking, not having the proper lighting apparatus is not only an indication of inexperience but more-so, an insult to the tobacco he lights with it. The fact remains that the only acceptable lighter to toast tobacco with is a butane lighter. The reason for this is that the fuel doesn’t affect the taste or aroma of the tobacco like the many fuels used in those basic lighters you can buy at any convenience store, gas station or smoke shop. Whether it be to light your cigar or your pipe, the quality of the fuel used is critical in ensuring you get an even burn without any chemical residues or flavors being transferred to the tobacco. Another big benefit of using the torch lighter is that the flame is significantly more intense which makes it easier to quickly and evenly light the cigar or pipe that uses a damp tobacco. However, there are differences between the two types of lighters. Cigar lighters, or torch lighters as they’re often called, offer a far more aggressive and hot flame that rises from the top of the lighter. A pipe lighter, on the other hand, is a softer flame that covers a broader area and usually jets from the side of the lighter which makes it easier to angle the flame into your pipe without burning your fingers. While both styles of lighters can be interchanged, for the true connoisseur it can be of the utmost importance to use the proper lighter. Sure, you may use it yourself, but it’s there to lend to someone else in need. Just because you don’t plan to smoke a cigar during your afternoon walk, doesn’t mean that you won’t stumble upon someone else in need of a light. Having the ability to offer it is a practice that dates back to the Victorian era when men would retire to their drawing room after dinner for a cigar with their fellow guests. This history continued throughout much of the Edwardian era and still continues to this day in many aristocratic households. As the tradition goes, it would be up to the host to offer the lighter around the room for men to use. This was partly due to the etiquette of entertaining, but also because lighters were not as safe or small back then, and you stood less of a chance of lighting yourself on fire or having gunpowder leak into your pocket if you just relied on the lighter offered by the host. Today, lighters are far more compact and safe to carry. As traditions became more modern, it became a polite necessity to carry a lighter with you. This tradition grew in popularity with the mass-marketing of cigarettes in the 1940s and 1950s, continuing well into the 1960s. With a significant percentage of the adult population smoking tobacco, odds were that you would regularly be asked for a ‘light’ while promenading through town. Today, most smokers do carry their own lighter, but there are many times where you will still be asked to lend a light to someone in need.

Of course, lighters are useful for many things, in addition to lighting a cigarette, a pipe or a cigar. One uses them regularly for candles, cooking or even welding. A torch lighter is useful for all of these things and it’s a premium lighter that works in every situation. Certainly, you could purchase a BIC or Zippo lighter for a few dollars at your nearest gas station, but the quality of the fluid is unacceptable for cigars and pipe tobacco, and it can’t be switched out for premium butane as easily as many seem to think.

By having a torch lighter in your pocket, you’ll be assured you have a suitable lighting instrument when smoking cigars, but you’ll also have a lighter that can perform many other tasks a gentleman might find himself being requested for. My lighter of choice for everyday carry is the Xikar Executive, which you can almost always find in my pocket.


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