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The phrase ‘Alice brownies’ became widespread, and our popular imagination held on to this image. But the truth is you can use cannabis butter or oil in any sort of food you want to eat—hummus, vegan stir frys, etc. The reason the dessert scene became so entrenched is because chocolate and peanut butter are effective at covering up grassy taste. That’s why dessert mode has become a favorite for many people.” 7. McDonough says: “Theoretically, THC is THC, whether you’re getting it from hash, high-quality buds, or low-quality trim leaves.

The molecule should, in essence, be the same—you’d just have to use more trim. When you get that green, grassy tasting edible, that’s from the chlorophyll in the trim. I prefer hash because it has an earthier, nuttier flavor that pairs a lot better with different kinds of food. The science of pairing cannabis with food means terpenes come into consideration. These chemicals are found in many plants, not just cannabis, and determine smell and flavor. If your ganja smells like citrus, it is because of a terpene called limonene, also found naturally in lemon peels. Rich, ripe, fruity aromas emanating from your bag of herb come from terpenes called myrcene, also found in lemongrass and mangoes. Hints of pine needles come courtesy of terpenes alpha and beta pinene, also naturally present in rosemary. Peppery-tasting marijuana contains sabinene, a terpene also found in tea-tree oil.

Mint-flavored cannabis has alpha-phellandrene, and so on and so forth. Naturally, you’d have to finish up with a chocolate dessert infused with a minty cannabis strain high in alpha-phellandrene. Savory dishes like rosemary roasted potatoes would benefit with the addition of cannabis butter from a strain containing pinene.” 8. McDonough says: “There’s a lot of controversy over the word overdose, which has a connotation that it’s a fatal condition. With edibles there’s no such thing as a fatal overdose. It’s impossible—you’d literally have to eat nine pounds of hash. If you have an alcohol overdose, you throw up and you have the spins. You’ve poisoned yourself essentially, but just because you didn’t die doesn’t mean it’s not an overdose.” Photo courtesy Elise McDonough. Edibles labeled “double strength” are the most potent products. McDonough says: “If an edible comes in a package that says ‘double strength,’ it doesn’t mean anything unless you know what’s being doubled. Most reputable companies have the THC content listed in milligrams.” 10. Edibles made of BHO (butane hash oil) concentrates are better than those made with cannabutter. McDonough says: “In Colorado, a lot of the bigger edible companies are creating their own extractions. So they use the extract as an ingredient to formulate their product. Edibles made with BHO might be more consistent because it’s easier in the manufacturing process to use an extract to achieve batches, but BHO flavor is really gross. It gives a harsh, acrid aftertaste in the back of your throat.” Will Making Brownies Make The Whole House Smell Like Marijuana? Make it into butter first, and when its ready just melt the butter and replace the oil on a "just add water and oil" packet of brownie mix. EDIT: Iv never baked with just ground up weed, so I cant answer your original question, but making butter doesnt smell too strongly, not more than smoking a joint anyways. I typically find it smells worse when I make the butter as opposed to when I bake it into something. It will still smell a little though when baking, depending on the strength of the butter. I like to make cannabutter using a crock pot, a stick or two of butter, and a bunch of trim. Add the trim and butter to the crock, then top it off with water. Leave for 10-12 hours on LOW (I usually start it at high for a couple hours and switch it to low after an hour or two), stirring occasionally and adding more water if necessary.

When finished, I strain out the plant material using a standard grocery store tea strainer, and put the butter + water mixture into a large dish/bowl and put in the fridge for a few hours. The butter will form a visible layer on top of the water which is easily removed once hardened. I wrap the finished product in foil and toss it in the freezer until I need it.

The beauty of this method is it traps the nasty unwanted plant material in the water, which you then discard once you've removed the butter. One stick of butter can hold a ridiculous amount of THC (in the range of ounces), so it is up to you how strong to make it. I whole-heartedly disagree with the comments of Harrekin above that making butter doesn't smell too strong. It stinks up EVERYTHING when making it, far less so when baking with it.


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