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Some people I saw "instructing" the way to make it mixed it for far too short an amount of time. Vaporizing the final product If you've read this far, you're probably wondering how anyone is having issues with something as simple as the process I described. One reason is a high amount of impurities in your wax, this can cause them to burn/mix in the liquid which causes the color to turn black eventually. If this is happening to you even after coil replacements, stop wasting that wax.

A good test is to try some cheap ejuice to make sure that tastes ok, that can eliminate the coil as a possible cause for bad/burnt taste. If you try everything to clean the tank, replace the coil and nothing helps, try a different wax if possible. Assuming you have access to a quality wax product, that helps, but there are still some fundamental issues with current e cig tanks. They are not designed to vaporize wax infused e juice, wax is thicker than standard e liquid and will cause the coil to prematurely gunk up and wear out. You can expect to need to purchase more coils if you plan to do this regularly. Being designed for e juice, it is much more common for these tanks to leak, a problem not so bad with standard e juice. With high quality wax however, even a small spill can mean you just lost $20. Back to the thickness, it also means you have to wait longer in between hits. This is because the thicker liquid just doesn't soak up into the coil quite as fast.

You can only run cotton wick tanks so low without burning them, which means you always need to have a minimum amount of wax just to use it. I figure this is where ceramic tanks come in, Brass Knuckles uses similar tanks, though I won't use those products for obvious pesticide related reasons. I just ordered a 5-pack from vape society, and am curious to see if they will address some of the issues with cotton tanks: ROSE GOLD CERAMIC 510 GLASS TANK VAPE CARTRIDGE - 5 PACK. Has anyone tried using a Brass Knuckles tank for this method? I think it would be a better design, of course some have issues with those leaking even the first time. I will have to try this if I can though, but I can't imagine you can obtain them for a reasonable price since they are custom made. It's hard to say how similar the juices are between Brass Knuckles and a Wax liquidizer blended wax. I also wonder if CO2 extracted oils make any difference for this as opposed to BHO? Perhaps someone with more knowledge can answer that. It's hard to argue the potency of Brass Knuckles cartridges, I mean god knows what's in them, but they do the job. I think my goal is to make a clean Brass Knuckles cartridge. I would love to hear what other's experiences are using wax infused e juice. Some things that may help others realize what is best for this would be to answer the following: 1. What type of original product are you working with? (Can you verify wax quality, was this made in someone's basement, etc.) 2. (Wax Liquidizer, EJ Mix, Terpenes, custom PG-blend etc.) 3. That was a longer post than I anticipated so I apologize. I’ve made shatter juice a couple of time using some liquidizer I bought from Fogg labs in MA but I am really looking forward to trying it with some really terpy shatter and using only their flavorless terps to liquify instead but I’m not sure if they’ve released it yet. I HIGHly recommend their CCells: I believe apex says not to use concentrates with particulates so I assume this to be the more waxier waxes and crumbles and such which is why I used shatter. maybe I’ll try distillate and just a flavored terp one of these times. Wasn’t too big on sour d flavor I got from Fogg labs. I've been learning as I go with this and a lot of what you said I learned the hard way lol. In my little experimenting here I'm starting out with rosin that I'm pressing myself, and then I'm testing out mixing it with two different things so far: Farm to Vape e-liquids and True Terpenes.

U-Tests are a line of extremely handy self-testing kits used to detect set arrays of metabolites in an individual's urine (depending on which kit you're utilizing). They're FDA-approved, only require one step for use and are fairly easy to read/understand as long as you're willing to read/understand the instructions! Here at Mary Jane's Headquarters, the uTests come available in four different versions (1-Panel, 3-Panel, 5-Panel, and a Meter Test) and each focus on specific metabolites as well as thresholds therein. Also, exactly like official urine tests one would encounter in the outside world, the uTests are geared to detect nanograms per millilitre with an impressive 99.9% accuracy. Breakin' it on Down: A 1-Panel Kit tests for THC 20ng A 3-Panel Kit tests for THC 20ng as well as Cocaine 300ng and Meth 1000ng A 5-Panel Kit tests for the above three as well as PCP 25ng and Opiates 2000ng A THC uTest-O-Meter tests at multiple thresholds from 20ng to 200ng. Bring the uTest pouch to room temperature (15-30 C) and remove from foil. Remove cap and insert the absorbent end into the urine sample. Do NOT exceed the “Max Urine Level” and do NOT let the urine touch the plastic device. Leave the absorbent end in the sample until the control (“C”) line appears.

Replace cap back onto the absorbent end and lay the uTest on a flat surface.


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