snoop dogg bong

Snoop dogg bong

Requiring significant lung power, this triple percolator water pipe is certain to blow you away. Built for both Herb and Concentrate use, The Battleship is easily sinking all of its opposition. The designs of this piece are some of the most intricate available on the market today. Availing of three different levels of Percolator, two turbines and a honeycomb, the smoke which reaches your lungs is only the purest and smoothest possible. The Battleship Bong is available in a range of colors including, Red, Black, white and if color isn’t your thing it is also available in clear.


The first point of contact where your smoke will meet the percolators is at the bottom turbine. Turbine percolators work by diffusing the smoke and creating a whirlwind effect. It is extremely important when choosing a bong to ensure it comes with some form of percolator. They act as a way of both cleansing the smoke while creating the smoothest possible rip. With the Battleship Bong by Snoop Dogg’s Pounds it is a case of taking distinct care with the smokepath. Considering the in-depth level of technology associated with water pipes today it comes as no surprise to see Snoop Dogg implementing them in his collection. The honeycomb percolator comes as the second point of duty in its voyage to your mouth. Honeycomb percolators work by filtering the smoke through a collection of small holes on the percolator disc. By allowing for a larger surface area, the honeycomb percolator creates numerous points for the smoke to travel through allowing a far superior rip to be produced in your Battleship bong. A third turbine completes the pathway, producing one last point of diffusion. By implementing this high quality level of technology into their bongs, Famous Brandz have created a truly enjoyable smoker experience with their Battleship Bong by Snoop Dogg.

Technical Specifications

Diffusor – Fixed Stem

Glass Thickness – 5mm

Includes – Quartz Banger, Dome, Nail, Bowl & POUNDS Dabtool

Joint Angle – 90 Degrees

Material – Borosilicate Glass

Percolator – 2 X Turbine 1 X Honeycomb Disc

The Battleship By Snoop Dogg is the true Stoner’s dream.Tthis triple percolator water pipe is certain to blow you away. Built for both Herb and Concentrate use