smoking tobacco in a bong

Is Smoking with a Bong Healthier?

Rahul Gupta
Jan 25, 2018 · 4 min read

You may have heard or read about bongs before, but are they actually healthier when used in smoking? Most smokers are aware that burning marijuana does produce certain compounds that can be harmful to the body. These are the same ones also found in tobacco smoke. Usually, pot is smoked in joints, but studies show that using water pipes, aka bongs, may be better in regards to your health.

How? Well, it’s all in the wate r . The water pipe can trap as much as 90% of the toxins that you would have otherwise inhaled straight into your lungs. Passing marijuana smoke through water removes substances such as cytotoxins that can actually impair your immune cells. The filtration provided by a bong is beneficial, especially for smokers who have certain immunodeficiencies.

  • So how does the water filtration actually work?
    The smoke from your weed is pulled through the water in the bong before moving it into your lungs.
  • As the smoke travels through the water, it is then forced into small bubbles. Now, this is what causes the smoke to actually lose a lot of its heat. That alone is already a benefit. The cooler the smoke, the better it is for your body.
  • The water also filters out larger particles, such as toxins, in the smoke that you would have inhaled if you were smoking a joint. What sort of particles are we talking about? These include ash, tar and even the butane emission coming from your lighter. All three are bad for your body.

Things to Remember when Using a Bong:

– Make sure that you always clean out dirty bong water. Re-using this actually lessens the filtering effect and often renders it useless. This is also important for hygienic purposes, even if your bong is something you use exclusively for yourself.

– Glass bongs are better than plastic or aluminum ones. They contain much less chemicals that can get transferred to your body during smoking. Plastic, in particular, is not recommended as it can create more toxins in the smoke when heated up. People often opt for these plastic versions due to the cheap price tag, but if you look around you will find that budget glass versions can be picked up for around the same price.

Joints vs Bongs

Joints, also known as Doobies, are the most popular method for inhaling marijuana. They can be fun and all in all they are a great way to enjoy your herbs, but there are some serious downfalls.

  • Many smokers add tobacco to help keep their joint lit, this poses so many more health risks than the smoke from your herb.

With bongs there is never any need to add other substances as the lighter will keep it lit for as long as you require.

  • The smoke you inhale is ridiculously hot, when you really examine the situation there is a red hot rock just centimeters away from your face. Inhaling smoke this hot makes the whole process far unhealthier than it needs to be.

As mentioned, bongs will drastically cool your smoke with their water chambers whilst allowing the smoke to also travel and cool at the same time.

  • For some rolling a joint is not that easy, it can be time consuming and if the roll is loose then you can even end up wasting your herb when the paper burns too quickly.

Throwing some ground chowder into a bong bowl and lighting it is an absolute breeze in comparison!

What about Vaporizers?

If you truely want to use your medicine in the healthiest way possible then vaporizing is the answer. However these are certainly not for the stoner who wants a heavy blast as many do find the high to be weaker than actually combusting the herb.

Comparing the Practicality of Vaporizers with Bongs

If you have tried using both a bong and vaporizer for long term use you will understand that bongs are far easier to maintain when compared to something like a vaporizer. The latter requires a lot more work and can potentially malfunction, depending on the brand you buy and where you have bought it from. Emptying the bowl of a bong is an absolute breeze compared with trying to scrape out sticky resin from within a tight chamber of a vaporizer. Clearing out a vape quickly becomes a pain in the ass.

What about edibles

Edibles truly are a whole other game. The most common type is cannabutter and it is relatively easy to make. The biggest note to make here is that it can take 1–4 hours for the high to hit, it depends on your size, weight, metabolism and when you last ate. Edibles effect everyone differently, a dose that could knock you off your feet could barely touch a friend. There are many factors. When the right dosage is taken edibles can be a very effective way to medicate, but they are surely not for the newcomer.

So there you have it, a quick summary of what makes bongs the better method for smoking. Remember, anything in excess is bad for the body so always do things in moderation.

You may have heard or read about bongs before, but are they actually healthier when used in smoking? Most smokers are aware that burning marijuana does produce certain compounds that can be harmful… ]]>