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Remove the filling aid and then reattach the cooling unit. Once the vape finishes heating, swivel out the mouthpiece and inhale from it. You can find the official user manual for the Crafty+ here and the manual for the Mighty here. Cleaning & Maintenance: Thanks to a very clever design, the Crafty+ and Mighty are two of the easiest vapes to clean and maintain.

When vaping dry herb, two components of the vape get dirty- the mouthpiece and the oven. The mouthpiece (aka Air Cooling Unit) – this is the component that sits on top of the oven and includes a mechanism to cool down the vapor. The Air cooling unit can be disassembled for cleaning, or completely replaced for around $20. I never clean mine, I just purchase a new one every few months. The oven (aka Heating Chamber) – this is where you place the herbs. Since you can remove the entire Air cooling unit that sits on top, there is very convenient access to the oven (for cleaning and packing). The oven needs to be cleaned every 20-40 uses or so with some alcohol wipes. Using dosing capsules significantly reduces the amount of residue that accumulates in the oven.

Not surprisingly, the larger, more powerful mIghty heats up faster than the smaller Crafty+, the Crafty+ takes about a minute while the Mighty takes about 45 seconds. However, both of them stay pretty cool to the touch while they are being used thanks to the finned design that aids in heat dissipation. Both vapes use a hybrid conduction/convection combination to heat the herb and that combination produces amazing vapor. That is because the herb gets heated more thoroughly and efficiently with that combo than it would with either method, so the vapor is richer, denser, and more potent. The mouthpieces make it easy to enjoy that vapor because their straw-like shapes are among the best way to inhale the vapor, plus their draw resistance is very low. There isn’t any appreciable difference in vapor quality between the Crafty+ and the Mighty so that shouldn’t be a factor in choosing between the two of them. The battery could be a factor in choosing between the two because the Mighty’s battery matches its name, as it’s capable of lasting for an impressive two and a half hours. Even better, it only takes about ninety minutes to recharge, though a power adapter is needed. That can limit convenience since you need to find a wall outlet when it’s time to charge up the Mighty. One of the biggest drawbacks of the original Crafty was its short battery runtime. It lasted around 3 bowls and took two and a half hours to charge. The new Crafty+ offers a significantly better runtime of 6-7 bowels, with an hour and a half charge time. Unlike the Mighty that uses a proprietary charger, the Crafty+ uses a Micro-UBS charging port. There is already a Crafty+ vs Mighty comparison, but here is a quick summary. The answer depends on what you want in a vaporizer. If price is a concern, then the Crafty+ is about $80 cheaper than the Mighty. If portability is a factor, then the Crafty+ is easier to carry around. If you need to have on-board temperature display and control, the Mighty is the only one out of the two that offers that. The battery runtime of both vapes is similar, with a slight advantage to the Mighty. The vapor quality is very similar and shouldn’t be a determining factor. Storz & Bickel accidentally confirmed that a Mighty+ is coming soon. Users on Reddit noticed “compatible with Mighty+” on replacement parts packaging from S&B. This confirms our suspicion regarding a new version of the Mighty vaporizer. We expect the Mighty+ to- Have longer battery life Improved heating element and faster heat-up time Subtle logo position changes Flat bottom so it can stand upright Hopefully a USB-C charging port App compatibility? The Mighty is already the #1 dry herb vape right now, I can’t wait to see what else the Mighty+ can bring to the table.

Of course this means that you shouldn’t purchase the Mighty right now. Wait for the new version, which will probably make the current version cheaper. Natural Wraps are made by hand on the Ayrshire coast. We don't like plastic, it's yucky, as our Lord and Saviour David Attenborough tells us. Our wraps are perfect for anyone looking to reduce their plastic use. All the wraps are made from 100% natural ingredients. We use natural Pine Resin to help them cling, and Jojoba Oil to make them nice soft. They're fully reusable, just give them a quick wash in the sink with soap and cold water, and once dry they're good to use again. and again..and again (take THAT cling film) They should last around year, and then they're fully compostable.

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