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The lab results still were positive for THC, but methamphetamine was negative. I thought this was very strange and took my FOURTEEN year old so to get tested by a doctor (urine) and also did a hair test. I tested positive for marijuana and i also got other tests just to make sure . This test was very easy to use and it's 99% accurate.

Just make sure you read the directions and you're good to go. The best part is, there is no subjectivity to interpreting the results. If a line is present next to "Drug", regardless of how dark or light it is, it indicates a negative result. If your result comes back preliminary positive, the kit comes with a non-prepaid box so you can send the sample in for a full lab test. I would definatly purchase this test again and I highly recommend it. see what you guys don't understand is that a job ua or a clinical ua there screening can be as low as 15ngs and these test are on as low as 50ngs so if your under 50ngs then you will pass this one and fail a job screen ua. Passed on two of these only to fail a pre employment UA. Ate a brownie by accident while at a freinds house.

Passed, to be sure took another on Monday the day of the Ua, . Took real Ua at Clinic Monday afternoon and Failed. This product does not match sensitivity requirements of even the most basic urinalysis. I took this test, which indicated I was negative for THC. One week later I was found to be positive for THC by another strip test. I took a random at work and was nervous after being clean of thc for 50 days. Although I had already taken the random I bought this to make sure there was nothing present as thc can stay in you fat cells. And I was so stressed out only to find out that I was negative at work. I was using another brand i found on amazon which seemed to be working well but then i got a little worried that maybe i wasnt getting the right results so i picked one of these up. After testing negative for several days with the amazon product after i took this test it came back positive which then worried me. These do not work but i guess getting a false positive is better than getting a false negative. Tested twice with this product and twice the results were positive, tested twice with dollar store and the results are negative. I should have just tested with the Dollar store brand and saved at least 26 dollars. I spent alot of money on several of these tests, once tested by labs I found your product did not give the same results as the lab did. I kept testing positive with yours and the lab showed negative at the same test levels. Bought a different product from another store in the afternoon, showed negative. Took this test 1 day before a drug screen for a job. This product is not accurate, it gives FALSE RESULTS! terrible- i used it to make sure i didn't have any thc left in my system as i stopped smoking and it came back negative- I then took a preemployment drug screen and tested positive after still not smoking. I haven't used THC for about 11 weeks and I had a job interview and was ready to drug test. I was not sure if I was clean or not so before buying that expensive synthetic urine, I wanted to spend less money on this and try it out. I followed the instructions and it showed I was clean, so I walked in the clinic and did my drug test and clinic test showed I was clean. Having all three results very positive (strong line), slightly positive (faint line), and a completely negative result!

You should continue to take precautions if you know a test is coming up, but for an inexpensive/over the counter drug test, I was very pleased.

Never expect this test to be comparable to any blood test, or high quality urine sample. The only reason I give it a 4 out of 5 is due to an inconsistent line with back to back tests on ONE occasion. We bought 2 of these tests used them They did not have an accurate reading either time said it was positive it was not. the test line did not even come out in the second test. I bought this test took the test the following morning first thing test can back negative there was 2 lines one was very faint tho so I sent it in to there lab and it came back positive will not buy this product again :( I haven't smoked in 1.5 months and I have a drug test to take December 12.


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