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The sophisticated look is great for a celebration or party. Plus, the protective tube travels well and is easy to store for future use. Many Shine fans wish that the package came with more than one handmade cone in it, for those times when they want to light up a few at a time without carrying multiple packages. Shine gold blunt wraps are another great alternative. These 24k cigar wraps create the ultimate glitz and glam impression.

Some users describe the edible gold blunts as the big brother of Shine rolling papers. Most Shine fans like to save the pre-packaged blunts for special events as they use up a lot of marijuana. Also, be aware that blunts have a stronger smell than the gold papers and are also more difficult to roll. Shine gold blunts are more expensive than the brand’s rolling papers, too. This is to be expected, though, given they hold more weed than the papers. The cigar wraps are worth the extra money, though, as they are a clean smoke with a sweet taste. Cannabis connoisseurs also appreciate that each Shine brand product stays lit a long time, regardless of whether it is a blunt, cone, or RYO paper. Shine papers provide a laid-back, high-quality smoke session. ** No Longer Available ** Another interesting Shine product to keep an eye out for are Benjamin “Tattooed” Wraps.

These insane wraps truly show your extravagant side. One version is The Benjamins, which is printed to look like a $100 bill. Obviously, you’ll get attention when smoking this relative newcomer in the Shine collection. Other tattooed wrap options are Old Glory and Birthday Blunt. With Old Glory, you’ll look as though you’re smoking in support of freedom as each blunt resembles the U.S. As with The Benjamins, Old Glory comes in a pack of two. Birthday Blunts come one per pack, and the wrap is composed of reconstituted tobacco. The blunts make a cool birthday present for the weed smoker who already has everything. The ink on each of the blunts is completely edible. In other words, it’s a safe smoke (unlike if you burned real currency). The gold leaf paper is handcrafted and is designed to burn effortlessly. At first sight, it’s immediately apparent that Shine gold rolling papers are one of a kind. The special papers are an edible blend of gold and hemp. With 24 karat shiny gold leaf covering the outside, they look far more luxurious than competitors’ sheets. The appearance alone will draw stares and compliments as you smoke your favorite cannabis strain. The gold sheets are attractive, truly living up to the high roller look conveyed by the Shine rand. Plus, the smoke is a quality one due to their unique paper style that has a slow-burning interior. Shine papers stay lit longer than many regular rolling papers on the market. During your toking session, you will also notice a smoothness that you won’t get with every brand on the market. Another unique characteristic is the small gold flecks left on the ashtray when you put down the joint for a moment. The shiny specks are fun and draw attention from your admiring friends. This original trait may be a big reason why Shine has such a big percentage of repeat roll-your-own (RYO) customers. Shine has definitely carved out a niche for itself within the rolling paper industry as being lavish and elegant. Gold rolling papers are just one part of a trend of luxury items meant to show off a high roller lifestyle. As part of this trend, the world has also seen a pastry meant for true ballers: a $100 donut iced with crystal champagne and topped with 24 karat gold.

This delicacy comes from The Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, New York. Inside the donut is a mousse made from champagne jelly and a sweet purple yam called an ube. One donut uses about a 1/4 cup of champagne and is meant to be savored rather than gobbled up all at once. The process of making just one donut takes about an hour and a half.

If sweets do not interest you, though, another way to keep up with the lavish trend is by getting a high-roller vacuum cleaner from GoVacuum. Unlike any other cleaning machine, this vacuum is plated in 24k gold. Be prepared to spend some serious cash for it, though, as GoVacuum’s Model GV62711 has a price tag of $1 million.


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