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If you smell something that doesn’t seem right, keep the lids off your jars for an hour to help buds dry out a bit, and check again tomorrow to make sure the smell has cleared up. Some products are great at neutralizing the smell of cannabis…almost too good. ONA products are strong enough to neutralize a whole room of almost any smell (it was designed for sewers!), leaving a strong chemical-y clean scent.

The problem with scent neutralizers is they can actually alter the smell of the buds themselves. If you use a lot of products that leave a strong artificial “clean” smell (perfume, cologne, Febreeze, ONA products, etc) in the air near your developing buds, it can affect your buds even if they never get touched. If a product leaves a strong smell of chemicals or perfume in the air, don’t use it near your plants! The Glade plug-in in your bathroom isn’t going to affect the smell of your buds, but if you spray a lot of Febreeze in the grow space whenever guests come over, or put something like ONA gel in your tent with your plants, your buds may come out smelling just like Febreeze or ONA even if they never come in direct contact. If you don’t know what’s causing the odd taste/smell to your buds, this can be really frustrating! Learn how to completely scrub all smells using a carbon filter – they work better than any spray product and won’t affect the scent of your buds! 9.) Avoid Very Common Mistakes that Ruin Buds Near Harvest. A lot of people aren’t thinking about mold when they’re around harvest time, but it can be a huge harvest killer if you accidentally set up conditions that favor mold.

If your buds get mold, they become incredibly harsh and are not safe to smoke, meaning moldy buds should always be tossed 🙁 It’s very common to get mold right around harvest time. As sort of a cruel joke, the more successful your grow is (the bigger and denser the buds), the more likely it is you’ll be hit by mold! There are different types of mold and too many growers have lost buds to this nasty killer! Here’s what you need to remember as harvest time approaches: Keep humidity at or below 50% during the flowering stage and even lower if possible during the last few weeks before harvest. Low humidity not only causes buds to produce more trichomes, keeping the humidity low is the number one thing you can do to prevent bud rot. If your humidity gets too high, make sure there is plenty of airflow and a strong exhaust fan to remove humid air from the grow space. Every leaf is constantly adding moisture to the air so removing some of the leaves can help bring down the humidity in desperate cases. Bigger buds or colas should always have airflow around them , especially as harvest approaches. If the buds are surrounded by too many leaves, or if there’s no air circulation from fans in the grow space, it creates a breeding ground for many different types of mold. As an added bonus of strategic defoliation, buds that are exposed to plenty of light and air tend to fatten up! I highly recommend defoliating any leafy plants near harvest, to make sure there’s airflow actually going through the plant. It’s especially helpful to remove leaves that are in the bottom or middle of the plant which don’t get light any more, or fan leaves that are covering the buds from getting light and air. Note: Defoliation is a technique that should only be used by advanced growers! Keep temperatures in the 70-80°F range as best you can. Below 70°F can trigger bud rot and other types of fuzzy mold, while temperatures above 80°F increase the chance of white powdery mold or mildew. No matter what you do as a grower, you can’t get a plant to overcome its own genetics. If a plant doesn’t have the genes to make fragrant buds, than there’s not a whole lot you can do. Today’s tutorial has covered all the things you can do to maximize an individual plant’s potential, but if you want something really special you have to grow a plant with the good genes. Most strains of cannabis will smell to some extent when grown properly.

However, there are also some strains (like Northern Lights) which have a particularly light smell, so working on increasing the terpenoid content of this strain won’t do much to make a difference. If you want to grow something really special like this Purple Kush Auto, you have to have the right genetics. Every breeder has something different they’re breeding for and there are many strains with unique smells including pineapple, chocolate, blueberry and more! If there’s something particular you have in mind, you will be much happier if you start with a strain that matches your preference!

There are strains that are particularly pleasant smelling compared to other strains and others that have a downright pungent odor.


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