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Putting an orange peel in the bag would only make it a little more moist and create a slight citrus taste to the pot; it would barely fluff the brick weed up, if it does at all. Trying to fluff up brick weed is like polishing a turd. Bricking weed crushes many of the resin glands, resulting in a loss of flavour and potency, and once it is compressed and dried there is . 12/8/2009 · Then you need to get some real dense buds , Brick weed is compressed weed that's been stepped on and packed tightly, deff not same.

I don't mind fluffy buds, but the dense nugs are usually the strains that you can smell 2floors down (for me atleast). 4/3/2012 · What i posted only relates to Brick buds or Compressed buds. but to again clarify if your buds not compressed / brick and isnt bone dry dont mist it as misting the buds and letting them sit overnight only relates to compressed brick / (Dry) bud. and is a method used to expand the buds in brick/dry weed or really really dry weed. So you find yourself down to brick weed for a stash. Here are a few tips to rehydrate that compressed cannabis. We know you can store fresh bud with over dry nuggs to fluff them up. But if you are considering fluffing up brick weed, you probably don't have a nice juicy fresh bud to add in.

8/10/2006 · Source(s): Check out my answer on how to build a bong, and try the gravity bong I suggest, it will help you get the most out of your brickweed. Every cyrstal not smoked is a braincell that could of died. 10/1/2014 · Hi i looking for ways to break up a pound of compressed weed and making it fluffy again . break it up than check out this thread and hydrate that shit How To Hydrate Your Bud - Pictures . Hit the stereo in an instant, then I twist up a bud light an incense. 7/29/2009 · How can i make the best of dry hard compressed marijuana? It will really break up your herb and fluff it up so it's usable. Plus, this type grinder has a "pollen catcher" at the bottom to catch kief, so that's a bonus too. This is my best tip for making the most of … A lot of it, I can actually pick up in sheets and/or good-sized chunks. If I stuff some into trash bags, can I dump it into the blower I get free from the big box store when I buy the cellulose and re-blow and re-fluff the fiberglass before I add the cellulose? 5/12/2018 · Cannabis sativa has a lot of characteristics of being different, from the cultivatation methods to grab it in the end. Thin Paspalum Kyllinga, Green Kyllinga brevifolia (Green Kyllinga) is a mat-forming perennial sedge with dark green leaves and stems. Its seedhead is initially pale-green in color, turning brown at maturity. Weed Identification in Pastures and Hayfields This handout is designed to help you identify common weeds found in Southeastern North Carolina pastures and hayfields. This handout has descriptions and pictures of some of the most common weeds. It is divided … 11/22/2008 · Well my stash is a bit harsh and dry and i was lookin for the best way or ways to moisten it up, i heard of the orange peels and other things but i have no idea how to do it correctly without causing mold to form on my bud.. The five most likely scenarios for your buds ending up airy are improper lighting, too high or too low temperature, nutrients being too much or too little, poor airflow, or root problems. Basically the only way to “fix” this problem is to prevent it in the first place. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is enternal life." -Romans 6:23. take a big chunk and put it on a paper plate and put in the microwave. what i do is grab it with my hand and try to close my fist and u can tell when u want to take it out. do it with a little chunk just to see if u like the end product .. Don't forget to participate in the monthly contests. my 2nd completed grow STRAIN HUNTERS MONEY MAKER$$ AFGHAN KUSH X SKUNK X-LINE LEMON KUSH. "If the words "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on." - Terence McKenna.

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