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Temperature controlled coils are designed only for use with devices that are equipped with special circuit boards to control the coil temperature. Do NOT use temperature control coils with any device that is not designed to control the coil temperature. WARRANTY Please see our warranty page for more details.

NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS Vape products that are ordered from the Sweet Southern Vapes website are for ADULT USE ONLY. We do not intend to target or sell to any under aged people with any of our products. AGE VERIFICATION Our web site uses an age verification service on all orders. This is to comply with FDA regulations and to prevent minors from accessing or purchasing vape products and ENDS devices. NOTICE: DO NOT USE SALT NICOTINE E-LIQUID WITH SUB-OHM DEVICES. Recently I have battled Spider Mites and I think I have won :), but the cost was great :(. Of the 7 plants I have in flower, one needed it's flowers treated with Neem. The flowers have a slightly different color now and I've accepted the fact that I may never smoke the bud.

Question: I just ordered a X-Tractor from Can I harvest like normal and then just turn all the flowers into hash? Will that process get rid of the Neem that's left over? Safe to eat and safe to smoke are two different things, you have no idea what chemicals are created in the combustion process, none of those tests are testing smoking you cant just assume its ok. this imho is the best case against it, edible does NOT mean smokeable. Butane or ISO will take the neem oil off the plant and itll be in the oil you make. DON'T TAKE CHANCES WITH YOUR HEALTH BASED ON ASSUMPTIONS YOU CAN DIE OR SEVERELY INJURE YOURSELF. Ya, I'm not going to risk smoking it, but I am going to Water Hash it and strain REALLY WELL. Diluted Neem was sprayed during the 5 week of 9 total weeks of Flowering. Still has 3 weeks to go and the small colas are very dense even now. Good news is, I have another exact same plant that will harvest at the exact same time so I will have smoke when it's ready, I just don't know what the plant is lol! Dispensary said it was one thing but looks completely different from ALL descriptions. If I detect anything out of the ordinary with the hash/effect/smell etc. There's enough on this plant to get a good 10+grams of Bubble! Green Crack starts harvest in two days :) I'll make it all hash and then just store/age it till I find out the truth about consuming it. Neem Oil: The Organic Pesticide Of Choice For Cannabis. Neem oil can act as both a preventative tactic and cure for a number of insect and fungus problems. It doesn't affect friendly insects and acts as a growth tonic that keeps marijuana vibrant. Neem oil is a must-have for the serious organic cannabis grower. Neem oil affects a wide variety of insects and plays an important part in an organic pest and pathogen management program. Sometimes, it appears as a deep green or mustard yellow, dark red, or pale green colour depending on the region and the extraction method used.

The neem tree grows prolifically on the Indian subcontinent.

It is prized for the powerful effects of the concentrated triglycerides and triterpenoids contained within its oils. Neem oil is pressed from the seed and fruit of the neem tree and has been used horticulturally and in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. The list of benefits of neem oil for the human body are quite astounding.


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