smoke hemp rope

Smoke hemp rope

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Hemp Rope – The Healthier and Tastier Way To Smoke

Hemp Rope – Do Your Lungs & Heart A Favor

There’re a TON of advantages of using Hemp Rope and let’s be real, nothing is more important than your health. When using traditional lighters to ignite cannabis, you’re directly consuming carcinogenic butane gases produced from said lighter. These cancer-causing butane gases are well documented in the scientific community and not some marketing schtick. Seriously, if you don’t buy our hemp rope that’s fine, but please go get some hemp rope from SOMEONE. If nothing else do it for your health.

Hemp Rope – The Taste Maker

The flame from lighters is so hot that it reduces the number of terpenes in cannabis. Without sending you hurling towards the exit button in your browser, what you need to know about terpenes is that they play a crucial role into the taste, aroma and how “high” you get from smoking weed. Hemp Rope burns at a much lower temperature, producing a smoother, more controlled, more flavorful hit while burning the herb better to keep all the awesome effects.

Hemp Rope – A Smooth Criminal

Piggybacking off the temperature point above, because of the lower flame temperature most people report that the using Hemp Rope provides a smoother and more controlled hit juxtaposed to using a lighter. We recommend touching the flame from the hemp rope on the edges of the packed bowl and slowly working your way to the middle. This will maximize your THC consumption and make your bowls last longer.

Hemp Rope – One with Nature

Hemp Rope is made from plants (cannabis plants to be specific) and coated with beeswax so it burns slower.

Hemp Rope – Okay I Got It, But Now What?

Most people wrap hemp rope around their lighter – you can still use your lighter, just not to light your cannabis. This technique keeps your hemp rope in a convenient spot and serves as a nice reminder to use the stuff. Ultimately, there’s a reason most cannabis aficionados use hemp rope, and that’s because the difference truly is remarkable. It may take a bowl or two to get used to but once you start using Hemp Rope it becomes second nature pretty quick. The flame from Hemp Rope can easily be extinguished with a few shakes or by pressing your fingers on it. That second option may sound barbaric but it’s surprisingly painless.

The taste, smoothness and health benefits from using Hemp Rope (aka Hemp Wick) are noticeable from the first hit. It may sound too good to be true but there's a reason smoking aficionados of all kinds have been using Hemp Rope for decades.