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Hide Weed Smell

Hide weed smell

The smell of marijuana can have a enticing effect on people, but in some circumstances it is preferable to eliminate the distinctive smell. There are various solutions for that. One of the most effective methods of hiding the smell of weed is by the use of a carbon filter.

Neutralising and altering smells

The carbon in these filters is an activated substance which can neutralize almost any smell. So also including the distinctive smell of marijuana. The principal behind the filters shown below is very simple. The exhaling of smoke is done into the smoke filter dedicated for that. That way the smell will stay behind in the carbon and the smell of weed is no longer detectable. There are filters that neutralise the weed smell, but also filters which change the smell of marijuana in another desired smell like lavender, strawberry or citron.

Hide Weed Smell

Personal Air Filter – Let nobody smell your smoke!

Our Smoke Killer allows you to puff indoors without the smoke, the smell, without letting unwanted air particles free and without hurting your environment. Time to become a stoner of the 21st century!

It is manufactured using highest Quality Anodized aluminium and 100% food safe silicone. Between the two parts which can be unscrewed to replace the filter you can find a rubber ring which seals the 2 parts and makes sure all the air you blow into this device travels though the special carbon filter.

Some situations when our Smoke Killer could be used:

  • If you live in a flat and you don’t want your neighbours to smell your smoke.
  • If you have pets and you dont want them to inhale smoke which is bad for them.
  • If you simply want to keep your room fresh and keep the bad smelling smoke out.
  • Or if you want to protect your family and your surrounding from second hand smoke which is really harmful.

The NV Smoke Killer is the best soultion for all of these problems!

Our NV Smoke Killer is the best sploof, smoke trap, smoke buddy every stoner needs. Filters smoke, smell and unwanted air particles. Time to get a stoner from the 21st century.