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Pipes could be made from wood, glass, stone, porcelain, metal or ceramic. Glass pipes are currently the most prevalent types of pipes used to smoke herbs or tobacco. These pipes have a lot more advantages over the other material types. Some common types of glass pipes are bubblers, steamrollers, one-hitters, chillums, sherlock and spoons. Glass has been an important part of our civilization for nearly 6000 years.

In ancient times glass was considered very valuable as it was very difficult to make glass with the available equipment and raw material. The process of glass blowing was invented somewhere around 30 BC. With this technique glass became cheaper and easier to produce. The Romans discovered that the addition of manganese to the process of glass blowing would produce clear glass and they started using the same for architectural purposes. Glass has a high melting point, and therefore it has been used to create pipes using the technique of glass blowing. In years gone by, glass was used to make thin tubes to smoke out of, but this practice did not become very popular until the 1960’s when the glass was used in the making of complex art pieces to both appreciate and smoke out of. Since then the glass pipe industry has had many new innovations and techniques in creating new smoking apparatus. Glass Spoon Pipes gets its name from its resemblance to a spoon. They are handheld pipes containing four main parts — The bowl, carburetor, neck and the mouthpiece.

A bowl is a place where one puts in the dry herbs or tobacco. The carburetor is a small hole at the side of the bowl which controls the airflow. When the carburetor is covered with a finger, the air is pulled in through the bowl and the burning herbs. This produces smoke into the neck or the glass pipe. On uncovering the hole, air enters the carb and allows the smoker to rapidly inhale the smoke present in the pipe through the mouthpiece. Thus, the carb helps in controlling the speed at which one inhales smoke. >Easy and practical to use with no instructions manual required. >The glass being non –combustible, it does not add any taste to the flavour of the tobacco or herb being inhaled. So all you get is the pure taste of your favorite tobacco or herb. >Due to the non- porous property of glass, it is very easy to clean these smoke pipes. >Glass spoon pipes can be shaped into a variety of designs and colors as desired. >They are small and do not require the use of water. Just a lighter and your favorite dry herbs are what you need to get started. >These are hand-held pipes and are portable and fit easily even into a pocket so one can enjoy their herbs on-the-go. >The mouthpiece of a metal pipe would heat up a lot after a number of hits but this is not the case with the glass spoon pipes. >Glass spoon pipes provide smoke that is free of hazardous toxins that one would inhale while using conventional rolled smoking products. As we see, the glass spoon pipes have many advantages over the other apparatuses. It makes smoking a very enjoyable and pleasurable experience. Whether you decide to travel or sit all day on your couch, this spoon pipe is the companion you need. What’s more, you can have an entire collection of differently shaped glass spoon pipes and even choose the colors that suit you the most. So if you haven’t yet tried one of these, you are definitely missing something classy and unique. If you like to buy spoon pipes in different colors and material then you can visit this site and get your best spoon pipe. Spoon pipes are another name for the popular glass pipe.

These compact portable pipes are perfect for everyday smoking. They’re called spoon pipes because the shape of the pipe resembles a spoon; the stem is skinny and the bowl widens at the end in the shape of a spoon. The wide bowl makes it easy to pack and smoke whenever you want. Smokers love spoon pipes because they’re easy to use and beautiful. These small pieces of art can be taken anywhere and provide a pure smoking experience. Your herb or tobacco flavor won’t be compromised when you use a high-quality spoon pipe. Our handcrafted spoon pipes are double blown, so you know you’re always getting a quality pipe when you shop with Smoke Day. Regardless of your smoking experience, a spoon pipe is always a solid choice. Check out some of our spoon pipes below to find a piece to add to your collection.

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