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The fact they have not explicitly said it does it doesn’t is a big concern. Xstream urine instructions are pretty straightforward, the same as every other brand of synthetic urine out there that uses a heatpad: Place the pre-mixed Xstream urine in a microwave and microwave it on full power for about 10 seconds. Shake the bottle gently and watch the temperature strip to see how the temperature is after microwaving.

Return the sample to the microwave, should it need more heat, to get the temperature to register on the temperature strip. The temperature strip registers any temperature above 80°F and maxes out at 100°F. Attach the heated sample to the already activated heatpad, so that the heat is maintained. Using two pairs of underpants, carefully place the sample and heatpad securely inside the first pair. Now I’ll give you some tips for using synthetic urine generally here, but also that obviously relate to using Xstream synthetic urine. Firstly, make sure you check the sample temperature before you go into the lab. If it’s cooled, then you need to find a heat source to warm it up, a hot water tap, something like that. Secondly, remember that the drug test will not be observed.

Calmly take the sample out, pour into the cup, and then securely hide it again before leaving the cubicle, or moving out from behind the screen. Thirdly, have a practice run, in fact several, at home, so you don’t panic on the day. Only warm it up just before you leave, don’t do a practice run on the actual sample. Some people ask does Xstream synthetic urine expire, and that another thing you need to look out for, make sure it’s fresh and in date. I’m going to conclude this Xstream synthetic urine review by saying I don’t think it will really work. It’s not the worst formula on the market, but I worry that it might contain biocide. I also worry that the focus of that formula is about fetish use, and it’s not specifically designed in balance for the digital calibration of modern drug testing machinery. For a cheap pre-employment drug test, it might be good enough. I know somebody who used to work with me who used Xstream for a drug test, and they failed. He was fired, and that was the consequences of cutting corners by going to a headshop rather than buying high-quality urine online. Another word of warning is that because it’s so cheap, the heatpad you get with Xstream is cheap as well. I think a lot of people fail not because of the quality of the urine, but because the heatpad fails and the temperature is wrong. Added to that, I’m not convinced that the temperature reading strip on the bottle is that accurate either. You put together that combination of an uncertain quality of synthetic urine, a dodgy heatpad, and the unknown quantity of how accurate the heating temperature strip is, and I really think it’s not a brand you want to take a chance on. People also ask: does Xstream synthetic urine expire? Every synthetic urine brand has a shelf life of around year. Even if it doesn’t contain biocide as a preservative, it will have some sort of preservative mechanism in it, even if it’s supplied as a powder. For a cheap pre-employment drug test I would recommend Quick Fix . It’s only about $10 more than Xstream urine, but it works a treat. Ironically it doesn’t actually look and smell quite as realistic as Xstream, but its formula is far more balanced and complex. I have used it personally to pass a drug test, and it’s the brand I would have recommended my ex-co-worker use. If you really want a belt and braces insurance, then I would go for Sub Solution. Xstream fetish urine is a joke compared to the quality of Sub Solution.

Plus, Sub Solution doesn’t use a heatpad at all, it uses heat activator powder. That means you don’t have to worry about the heatpad failing like you would using Xstream, and you don’t have to find a heat source if the temperature drops. You just add a little more powder outside the lab, agitate the sample, and watch the temperature rise. Xstream Synthetic Urine: Fetish Urine For Drug Test?

So you’ve got a drug test coming up, and your casting around the Internet looking for synthetic urine to use. You may have read and Xstream synthetic urine review already, and wondered if it’s cheap and effective? The big question is: how good is Xstream urine nowadays?


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