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Given that the bong has not only an ash catcher but also an umbrella percolator, you can bet that this bong is smooth. You also have the luxury of putting ice in this piece to make your hits that much more pleasant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a sleek and sturdy piece. Of course the simplicity of the piece makes it that much more durable. With its simple, scientific design, the bong does not contain any intricate or fragile glass percolators.

In turn this piece is significantly more durable compared to bongs with intricate, fragile percolators within the body. Bongs with thick glass such as this one can typically cost well over 100 dollars. This piece is smooth… just not as smooth as other pieces with intricate levels of percolators. This is the downside of getting a piece without percolators. However there is something to be said about the dependability of a simple but efficient glass piece. This is definitely one of the most beautiful bongs on Amazon. Of course you would need to decide for your self how pretty it is.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the bong holder (ba dum tsssss). To be completely serious however, it really is one of the best bongs on Amazon. Hand made with durable glass, you can trust that this bong will last for the long run. However, just like many bongs, you must be cautious enough not to damage the percolators within the chamber. Keep in mind also that it has a wide and sturdy base, making it harder to tip over. It is a bit on the inexpensive side but its a win when you you can buy an a durable bong at an affordable price. Keep in mind that to make the smoking experience that much better, filling the piece up with a relatively more water can make a bit of a difference. Tall in stature with an impressive series of percolators, this piece is quite the heavy hitter. Hand made with thick, durable glass, this piece is built to be sturdy. In addition, since it doesn’t have any excessively intricate percs inside, you don’t need to worry about breaking any super delicate parts of the piece. As far as price goes, Amazon again has worked its magic to ensure the lowest prices for items that you can find. The height and size of the chamber allows this piece to take up a relatively large amount of smoke at once. However the most important part of this piece is the three honey comb percs. The three percolators are extremely effective in churning and filtering the incoming smoke so that the draws are are as clean and smooth as possible. To check out more information on some of the top smoking pieces on the market click here! Value-seekers, your new favorite electric nail for dabbing is here. You may not be a dab rookie—you may even be an e dabber pro—but everyone appreciates a smooth experience. This device delivers; you can tell that the designers at High5 Vape had the user in mind when creating this gadget. Consider this: torches are efficient but can be highly intimidating for anyone new to dabbing. As the popularity of concentrates and dabbing grows, you can bet that the technology around consuming dabs will progress too. I bet torches will be out of fashion eventually and replaced by gear like this. Just call up the ideal temperature for your electric nail, somewhere between 0*F to 1200*F, and enjoy a session—no overheating like when you were learning to use a torch for dabbing.

And because the screen displays the current temperature and the set temperature, you can monitor when the enail is cool enough to touch and when it is nearing readiness. There's one ON/OFF switch for the coil, and a separate one for the power supply.

The screen is clearly lit in LED lights as the name suggests. This model has all of the characteristics of a high-end enail for dabs , like a gold-plated XLR cable, a sturdy 8' power cord, and a titanium enail. The nail heats up impressively quickly, just make sure to turn it off when you're done because there is no safety automatic shut-off feature. Some boxes have it, which is a helpful option for the typical stoner, but this one requires you to be lucid enough to remember. The coil size (Flat/16mm/20mm) depends on your nail; coil size is different from joint size (10/14/18—Male/Female).


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