shorty pipes

Erik Nørding – Shorty Pipe – Green

Product Description

Here we have the Shorty pipe from Erik Nording which is unlike anything I have ever seen before, the pipe itself is plastic with a ceramic bowl, this is a very small pipe and will only provide a 15 – 20 minute short smoke hence the name shorty!! The pipe comes in a variety of different bright colours. The pipe is made to be used with Nording filter stones, simply place 10 to 15 of the stones in the spiral chamber underneath the bowl, these stones ensure a dry and cool smoke and mean that no tobacco is wasted. These little pipes are great for if you are on the move or just want a small pipe to travel with. Included with the pipe are a free box of the stone filters, more can be purchased from ourselves.

Pipe Details

Pipe Material : Plastic & Ceramic
Shape : Shorty
Finish : Smooth
Colour : Green
Mouthpiece : Tapered (Fishtail)
Filter : Stone Filters


Pipe Length : 120 mm
Pipe Height : 35 mm

Chamber Width : 15 mm
Pipe Weight : 49grams

Erik Nørding is the god father of Danish freehand pipes, he started the revolution which put Danish pipes on the map. Made from a stunning piece of briar, this free hand features some nice grain and a plateaux top. The pipe has been left completely natural, no staining, no wax and un polished. To give this pipe a unique touch, Erik Nørding has signed the pipe. Unlike stained and polished pipes this will colour with use from the oils of the skin and the smoke. ]]>