shop humidors for weed

Shop humidors for weed

Precision engineered in Europe, our humidors create an airtight vacuum. This allows our two-way humidity system to work its magic, maintaining a perfect storage environment for your cannabis.

Two-Ounce Capacity

The Cannaseur One can stash close to two ounces (50 grams) of your finest bud. There are few other humidors on the market with such a large capacity. Alternatively, you can opt for our one jar model, which contains an extra storage compartment for papers, lighters and other accessories to elevate your smoking game.

Sustainably sourced wood

What sets us apart from other humidors is our commitment to using high quality wood from responsibly managed forests. Not only are each of our humidors handcrafted in Europe using precision equipment, we are the only humidors designed for your cannabis that manufacture our products using 100% solid wood. Our lumber is handpicked to ensure the highest possible quality.

Cannaseur is the premium cannabis storage brand. These solid wood humidors add an elegance to your smoking game and keep your bud fresh.