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The V3 has an improved battery life which lets you use it for around 80 minutes of use. The batteries are also replaceable, so you can keep extras with you for longer excursions. They've also added a bigger bowl and new mouth piece which are definitely nice to have too! Boundless has released a couple cheap products that have taken the dry herb vaporizer world by storm.

The CF/CFX are essentially a poor man's Crafty/Mighty : they are hybrid convection, they look similar and they have similar sizes. Considering they're half the price of their Volcano counterparts—the CF/CFX are pretty impressive. It's a relatively small size and features five different temperature settings. The battery is non-replaceable and will last you around 50 minutes of use. It's bulkier, but features a nice OLED display which lets you pick your exact temperature. Like the CF, the batteries are non-replaceable and will last you around 60 minutes of use. What really sets these two vaporizers apart from the crowd is their vapor quality . They have the best vapor of any cheap vaporizer available right now.

It's not quite on par with the best, but it's definitely better than most. If you're just starting out with vaporizing, or can't afford a more expensive unit, you won't be disappointed with either the Boundless CF or CFX. See our full Boundless CFX review if you want more info on it. Best Portable Vaporizer Guide 2020: Find the Best Vaporizer for you. Here at Planet of the Vapes, we believe there’s no one best portable vaporizer for everyone. Instead, we think there’s a perfect vaporizer for each person, and we want to help you find yours. For some people, that might mean a super compact vape for quick hits while you’re out and about. For others, it might mean a bigger vaporizer for home use that you and your friends can use to take down full ovens. Everyone is different, and your vaporizer should reflect that. With that in mind, we’ve created a number of categories for specific needs, price ranges, and specific focuses, to help you navigate our small, curated selection of portable dry herb vaporizers. Each category has a main pick that we feel best fits the criteria, as well as an alternate pick that brings something else to the table. That means that whether you’re looking for big clouds, big batteries, or just want to spend less than $200, we have specific picks for every person and situation. Regardless of price, these portable vapes represent what we believe is the very best vaporizer experience possible. They’re widely praised not just by members of the Planet of the Vapes staff, but also by customers and reviewers for their consistency, ease of use, and of course, impressive vapor. Our pick Storz & Bickel Mighty - Undeniably reliable. While some of the decisions in our guide took some debating, this pick was as easy as using the Mighty. There are no special techniques to learn or moving pieces to keep track of, it just works, pumping out smooth vapor that lives up to its name. It may feel a little on the large side at first, but with its amazing battery life and great sharing potential, it won’t be long until you’re finding room in your bag for the Storz & Bickel Mighty. Storz & Bickel also makes sure that you’re ready to go right out of the box, with a grinder that perfectly shreds your herbs to the right consistency, and a loading tool that makes scooping it into the oven a little easier. It’s even charged to 80% when it comes out of the factory. It’s the little touches that make a vaporizer special, and the Mighty really nails it. While the Mighty’s dressed down appearance is perfect for some, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting something more stylish. The PAX 3 has a sleek outer shell that comes in a variety of elegant and eye-catching finishes. There’s still a lot of power under the hood, and the PAX is happy to puff out consistently potent vapor. It’s easy to slip in your pocket with a loaded oven, fits in right alongside your phone and keys, and doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to vapor. All of the vaporizers we sell boast great flavor, but there are certainly options that stand out above the rest. These vapes take extra steps to preserve and present your herbs’ full flavor, with extra cooling, carefully selected materials, and controls that let you dial in the experience to your personal preference.

When it comes to flavor, the Firefly 2+ goes to great lengths to stand out. It uses convective heat that reaches vaping temperature in just seconds, so you don’t have to wait around long for your session. It also has a stylish, pocketable look that’s sure to catch the attention of owners with more mundane vaporizers. Unlike our other flavorful pick, the Firefly 2+ travels easily, fitting into any pocket or bag. If you’re looking to fine-tune your settings, the connected Bluetooth app can help you get completely dialed in.

The Arizer Solo 2’s most noticeable feature -- the glass stem -- is also the most important when it comes to flavor.


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