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Thankfully, a handy device exists that minimizes cannabis odor and keeps things stink-free. A sploof is a cylindrical object that uses a filtering material, such as a dryer sheet, to remove smoke and odor particles from smoke blown into it. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps) A sploof is a cylindrical object that filters cannabis smoke through a set of perforated materials. The device uses a filtering material, such as a dryer sheet, to remove smoke and odor particles from smoke blown into it. The cannabis world offers up several professional-grade varieties of the original sploof, such as the Smokebuddy.

However, these can run upwards of $50 and require frequent replacement of the activated carbon filter. Never fear, you can create a sploof out of a few objects you most likely have lying around the house. With a little effort, you can consume your cannabis and significantly reduce the levels of rogue terpenes in the air. Read on to learn how to make a proper homemade sploof. You can create a sploof using a variety of materials. It all depends on your budget, your particular filtering needs, and the desired longevity of your sploof. All sploofs function using the same principles: a closed-off tube with holes on both sides filled with filtering material. The filtering material is key, as this is what traps the canna-stink.

Many DIY sploof-makers build their sploofs using dryer sheets, while others who want a longer-lasting filter opt for activated charcoal. You also have multiple options for the tube itself: plastic bottle, or a cardboard toilet paper roll in a pinch. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps) You also have multiple options for the tube itself. A plastic bottle serves as a sturdier, longer-lasting sploof frame, while others opt for a cardboard toilet paper roll in a pinch. Despite the variety of materials, you’ll need the following elements to create your sploof: Cardboard toilet paper roll or plastic bottle, regardless of size Scissors or a knife A rubber band, string, or some tape Scented dryer sheets or activated charcoal. Once you’ve assembled your materials of choice, it’s time to build your sploof. If you’re using a plastic bottle, use the scissors to cut off the top half of the bottle and discard the bottom half. If you’re using a toilet roll, no need to make any modifications. Next, take your scented dryer sheets and pack them into the tube. There’s no need to densely pack in the sheets, as around three-to-five should adequately mask the cannabis scent. Once your sploof is full of dryer sheets, wrap a final dryer sheet over one end of the toilet paper roll or the wide end of the bottle. (This allows you to use the bottle opening as an aesthetic, functional opening into which you’ll blow weed smoke.) Fasten the dryer sheet to the tube using string, tape, or an elastic band. Your sploof is now ready to filter your stinky cannabis smoke and make the air in your room much more breathable. Wrap a final dryer sheet over one end of the toilet paper roll, and fasten the dryer sheet to the tube using string, tape, or an elastic band. (Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps) If you’re using activated charcoal, the process varies slightly. You can easily pick up activated charcoal at pet stores, as it’s commonly used to absorb unwanted materials in fish tanks. First, rinse the charcoal in water to activate it and remove dust. Poke some small holes in the bottom of a plastic bottle, enough to ensure smooth airflow. To keep charcoal from leaking out through these holes, tape a layer of paper towel around the base of the bottle. Finally, fill the bottle with charcoal, and your sploof is ready to use. The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or legal advice. A sploof is an essential piece of kit to keep your smoking sessions on the down-low. They are easy and cheap to make, and work to filter out the smell of cannabis when you exhale.

Are you having trouble with anti-cannabis neighbours? Of course, one option is to simply abide by the rules and find a suitable outdoor spot to enjoy getting stoned—a much safer option if possible eviction is in the cards. On the other hand, cannabis really is a medicine, and if braving the cold temperatures of winter doesn’t appeal to you in order to get medicated, then we have an option for you: a sploof. A sploof is a DIY piece of kit that acts to filter the scent of cannabis from flooding a room when smoking. Sploofs are extremely easy to make and are mostly forged out of items that can be found lying around the house. In essence, a sploof is a tube with a filter on one end. Upon taking a hit from a bong or joint, the smoker exhales into the open end of the tube, filtering the smoke and preventing it from causing suspicious smells from arising within the residence. Below is a guide on how to construct your own cannabis concealing device. Making a sploof won’t exactly drain your wallet; in fact, most of the equipment needed is most likely already within your house.

Just check the kitchen cupboards and have a fish through the recycling bin. To make a sploof, you will need: Cardboard toilet paper roll or plastic bottle of any size Pair of sharp scissors or knife/blade Rubber band, piece of string, or some type of tape Scented dryer sheets to banish unwanted aromas. Now that you have obtained all of the essential items required, it’s time to build the sploof from scratch. Step 1 will vary depending upon the piece of equipment you’ve elected to use. If you are using a plastic bottle, begin by cutting the top ⅓ off and discard the bottom ⅔.


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