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A forum I tend to lurk around recommend to check this site out as they had some salts on offer which I really liked at a great price so I made an order for x8 10ml bottles paid for Next Day Delivery and received it the next day. All there and accounted for but the packaging was damn awful! Like every other company I've dealt with will atleast package them in a jiffy bag but this company literally just put them in a mailing bag with 0 protection at all and the bag had a small tear in the bottom, luckily our local DPD driver is a really nice lady because she noticed the tear and put my parcel to one side so the contents wouldn't fall out. Had she not done that or we had a different driver that day atleast 4 out of the 8 bottles (unboxes ones) would've likely fallen out of the parcel and ended up rolling around some DPD van somewhere!

Not great, don't think I'll be using this company again unless they step their game up, would rather spend the little extra money and go with a company who actually pack their orders correct and safe. Ordered from here quite a lot and inhale never had any problems with them, everything I order comes exactly when it's supposed to. Excellent service 👌 Electronic tobacconist are the best. They are helpful and their customer service is first class. Electric Tobacconist launched in July 2013 with a simple goal: to give e-cigarette shoppers a place where they could find everything they needed at the absolute best prices around. This aim is still at the heart of everything they do, and their unwavering focus on the customer has made them one of the biggest online vape shops in the UK. They now have warehouses both in the UK and the US, and they continue to grow and adapt to stay on top of every change in the fast-moving e-cigarette industry. Their product catalogue is constantly evolving, so every time you visit their site you should be able to find something new, whether it be cutting-edge vaping hardware or the latest e-liquid brand to hit the UK scene.

Smokers who move over initially try and replicate the cigarette experience in terms of strength, so the average smoker who smokes say 10-20 cigarettes a day will normally start on an 18MG nicotine strength. With the introduction of nicotine salt liquids, the smoother (no throat hit) and quicker delivery of nicotine hit mean they actually are closer to the cigarette experience, similar to the “first cig of the day”. As they migrate to a more powerful device, they tend to lower their nicotine intake and start experimenting with other flavours. Mixing liquids in your device enables a vaper to experiment and personalise their vaping experience. Experimenting with flavours can be a very positive and enjoyable experience but one also needs to be mindful that although some flavours will mix well together there are many others that won’t. Mixing will produce a flavour combination based on how the ingredients interact with each other and not the true taste of the liquids being mixed. This can also impact the nicotine strength of the liquid being used and importantly it can also affect the blend and significantly reduce a coils life expectancy, especially if mixing with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin), or particularly sweet liquid. Mixing your own juice can be safe if it’s done with care and you take care over the selection of flavours purchased. Under the General Product Safety Regulations suppliers need to conduct tests to ensure their products are safe in use, so if you’re unsure ask your suppliers to demonstrate that their flavours are emissions tested in finished product format. Using an e-cigarette provides a similar experience and closely mimics smoking but there are of course differences a new user will notice. Someone new to vaping may find that they cough a little until they adjust to inhaling a vapour rather than the smoke they have been used to. They may also notice a slight difference in nicotine delivery to the body. A new user will usually try to use an e cigarette in a similar manner to a traditional cigarette going for prolonged lengths of time, such as during working hours, and only using an e-cigarette on a break as an example. Often a new vaper will suck too hard on an e-cigarette and draw the liquid into the coil more quickly than the coil can vaporise which can result in flooding and sometimes spitting from the over wicked coil. They should also understand that an e-liquid will not taste the same as their preferred brand of cigarette and it can take time for their palette to adjust. As an example when you light a cigarette you tend to smoke it in a single sitting whereas vapers tend to graze and adjust their intake based on their body’s requirement for nicotine. And because vapers tend to naturally self-regulate they can find that the amount of e-liquid used may increase over time as they reduce the nicotine strength of the liquid they buy. Smokers who move over initially try and replicate the cigarette experience in terms of taste, so generally they will look at starting on a tobacco or menthol product. As they migrate to a more powerful device they also experiment with other flavours. Bakery is big hit right now with coolade flavours coming in for the summer months. Breaking the cycle by satisfying nicotine cravings is often the key to successfully kicking the habit, and vaping is an excellent way of doing so.

Based on feedback, our customers find the most success using cigarette-style devices, also known as ‘cigalikes’, and pod mods. Cigarette-style devices are small cylindrical vape kits that use screw-on refills known as ‘cartomizers’ which contain the e-liquid (and nicotine). Cigarette-style devices are particularly popular as they’re easy to use and require little investment. You typically only need a battery, a small USB charger and a few cartomizers to get started. Most retailers (ourselves included) supply a starter kit, which contains everything you need in one handy bundle. Pod mod devices function in a similar way to cigalikes and there are a number of well known brands that sell these.

It shouldn’t as all products should meet the same safety standards, but be aware there will be exceptions as not all will have the same high level quality procedures and safety compliance, particularly of those associated manufacturers in Europe or North America. Another consideration is on whether you are purchasing an e-liquid with nicotine already mixed in or a zero-nicotine e-liquid. A liquid with nicotine pre-mixed will have had to have provided a significant amount of data in the registration process, where as zero-nicotine (or short-fills) e-liquids can be less regulated at this point. I’d suggest purchasing pre-mixed e-liquids and check for an ECID number which is used to register the product in the EU. As a rule of thumb it’s better to pay a little more for both hardware and consumables to ensure the quality.


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