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Share this: A quality 280mah battery with automatic firing which operates the battery based on airflow (breath controlled). A great replacement for a Bud Touch or PE Pen battery. Features a nub on the end of the battery for operating touch screen devices. Please note that automatic batteries are breath activated, so these batteries are only compatible with bottom airflow cartridges. Cartridges with top airflow require a manual push button battery to operate.

Features: Slim Design Automatic Firing for Easy Use. Specifications: Capacity: 280mah Threading: 510 Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V. Version of this battery also available with Manual Firing Button . Vessel has been listed as the "Best 510 Thread Battery" on numerous reputable media outlets. Having been featured on Rolling Stone, Forbes, Leafly, and others - we believe Vessel has earned the right to be named the best 510 battery available online. Each battery below is designed to fit nearly all 510 thread cartridges. Every Vessel features specialized engineering for optimized airflow, smart battery technology, a magnetic charging port, combined with sleek, exceptional aesthetics making them the most sought after battery on the market. Here are the 5 best 510 thread batteries available in 2020: 1. Wood Series Slate/Walnut ($79 MSRP) " This is an extremely high quality Pen. The wood accents and overall look are very classy and sophisticated.

And the airstream is smooth providing hits as big as you want. With unmatched elegance and superior functionality, it's no wonder the wood series is our best selling 510 thread battery. This means every single device has a unique grain, no two people will have the exact same wood series battery. Battery Highlights: Real Walnut Wood Cartridge Protection Multiple Power Settings Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off Optimized Airflow Magnetic Charge Port. Expedition Series Black/Red ($79 MSRP) " Definitely the best battery I've used thus far. You don't feel like you're burning your oil and can actually taste it. I haven't dealt with a clogged cart much since buying this either. The first thing I noticed was the feel and weight of it, it's really balanced and still something you could throw in your pocket. They clearly put a lot of love into this, great product. The Expedition series battery is built for daring adventures. From the moment you pick it up and feel the rugged, tactical grip - you'll know this battery is unlike any other. From New York City to Los Angeles, the Expedition has been a fan favorite since it launched in October 2018. Battery Highlights: Tactical Grip Grooved Cartridge Protection Red Grooved End Cap Multiple Power Settings Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off Optimized Airflow Magnetic Charge Port. Formula Series White/Black ($79 MSRP) " Amazing pen. Hits like a dream super long battery life worth every penny! The newest series to the Vessel line-up, the Formula is built for those with a need for speed. The textured silicone grip is reminiscent of a race car, hence the name "Formula". This fine tuned series perfectly contrasts matte white with the black silicone for a sleek, tasteful appearance. It's quickly becoming the newest "must-have" of the Vessel collection. Battery Highlights: Textured Silicone Grip White Matte Finish Cartridge Protection Multiple Power Settings Magnetic Charge Port Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off Optimized Airflow. Wood Series White/Beechwood ($79 MSRP) " Let me start off by saying, I had no clue what I was missing. I’ve owned various vapes, ccell palm, ccell silo, Cartisan black box, and a few others less notable. This bad boy right here, everything I ever dreamed of and more. The White Beechwood was the first 510 thread battery in the Vessel line to feature a white matte finish.

Customers asked for a white finish, so we listened. The battery features real wood, just like all the batteries in the wood series, so you'll always have a one of a kind device. For the fans of all things wood trimmed, look no further. Battery Highlights: Beechwood Grip Matte White Finish Cartridge Protection Smart Battery, Auto-Shut Off Multiple Power Settings Magnetic Charge Port Optimized Airflow. Style Series Aubergine ($79 MSRP) " This pen is the epitome of functionality, style, and value.

The three power levels available will accommodate most vape enthusiasts. The smoothness of the hits are something I haven’t experienced in any other pen. I originally bought the Aubergine about two weeks ago and liked it so much, I went back and bought the Expedition.


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