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These hydraulic systems have a lifetime warranty and have a number of options when it comes to pumps. You can use their hand pumps, electric hydraulic pumps, or neumatic pumps with air compressors. All these different pumps are available so you can tailor the press to your business needs. Build from robust medical grade aluminum and stainless steel, these presses are unlike anything in the industry.

Our bi-metal plates have an aluminum core that heats up quickly married to a stainless steel pressing surface that eliminates pitting that can occur with low-quality aluminum-only plates. Our custom tuned PID controller delivers 400w per plate for even, consistent heating. Get pressing today and experience the wonderful flavors and terpene transfer that only Rosin can deliver! DIY Rosin Press (Build your own Rosin Press) Our passion for manufacturing has brought to a deep understanding of what it is to be a DIY(er), in that we thrive on coming up with new solution for every problem that we encounter. NewVape provides a number of solutions for the DIY(er), and so we wrote a Complete Guide to Solventless Extraction. We keep a close eye on the market and trends and we noticed that most Rosin Press competitors were using aluminum plates. While there is nothing wrong with aluminum, it is important to note that aluminum is a very soft metal and in knowing that, we deduced that aluminum will eventually pit from pressing bud, especially if you are dealing with high pressures. So we decided to cap our aluminum plates with stainless steel. If pitting was ever a concern, stainless would give us the piece of mind that our customer would never EVER need a replacement for these plates.

A second thought was the fact that aluminum is a very fast heat conductor, so in the event of using heating rods, you would get "hot spots" on an all-aluminum plate, which would cause uneven heating throughout the plates surface. Stainless Steel, albeit taking a bit longer to heat up, will heat up evenly. Combine fast heating aluminum with even heating and strength of stainless tell, and you have yourself a winner. Q: What commercially available presses are these bundles designed for? A: Our Plates now ship with a Universal adapter, which will fit most, if not all presses in existence. However, there are very important details to consider when picking a bundle for your existing press. We recommend you head over to the blog section of this website to learn about the :"quirks" of these presses. A: The real answer will be within you and your needs. NewVape manufactures an elite line of Rosin Presses that are plug and play. The hydraulic systems are not proprietary, they are readily available components that you could replace with one short drive to your local Harbor Freight store. Also, we have a top-tier press that uses BVA hydraulics which carry a lifetime warranty, so you will never have to buy a new one again. With that said, NewVape strives to become the biggest hardware store for Rosin Presses. If you are missing a part, we most likely have it available, if you need new plates for your current set up, we have the perfect ones for it. If you have questions about this process, we are always happy to lend a hand, just email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 888-361-1710. There is very detailed information on DIY Rosin Press builds in our blog. Legend says that a few years ago, a young man squeezed some bud with a hair straightener iron and to his surprise, out came oil! This has evolved into an entire industry and is now available for commercial applications as well. Rosin has become very desirable as it is a solventless concentrate, straigjht from the bud. So it has not been contaminated or diluted by external chemicals and processes that could be potentially harmful. The process, of course, has evolved to create new techniques for pressing bud, pressing sift and pressing bubble hash. Each one requires different temperature settings and a dialed-in technique. Although specific information about these technique is not widely available on the web. You can always count on NewVape and all of our outlets (Instagram, Youtube, etc) to provide as much information as possible so that you can refine your technique.

A: Ed has prepared this start up guide for you to use as a reference. There are approximate temps and settings that will get you started. Of course, experimenting and refining your own technique is part of the fun of this ever-evolving industry! It's common to hear people associate cannabis stems with low-quality bud, and you might think they're nothing but a headache. Whether you want some THC-kissed tea, cannabutter, hash, or even some twine or yarn, the possibilities are nearly endless if you save them and know what to do.

Repurpose your cannabis stems to make the most of your crop! If you're not the type to grind up your stems with your bud, you've either got a garbage bag full of them or an impressive collection. If you're in the former group, we've got some information that might make you reconsider. If you're in the latter, though, today just might be your lucky day. You see, those stems are a lot more than scraps to throw out when grinding your cannabis flower.


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