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Metal Pipe

Metal Pipe is a quite common component. Often used when crafting weapons or missiles such as SAM ammo. As an “ingredient”, it is used in recipes for items such as a Bolt rifle “, a revolver, a Flame Turret etc.


  • 1 How to get a metal pipe
    • 1.1 How to make a metal pipe (Recipe)
    • 1.2 Recycling of items into a pipe
  • 2 Recycling a metal pipe

How to get a metal pipe

Metal pipes can be found in containers.

Container Quantity Chance
Hackable Crate 1–20 45%
Elite Tier Crate 3–15 28%
Military Crate 3–5 17%
Crate 1–4 14%
Sunken Chest 1–4 14%
Бочка 1–4 1%

It can also be purchased in the vending machine for the price of 30 scrap per a pipe.

How to make a metal pipe (Recipe)

A pipe will require a level 3 workbench, but you need to learn the recipe before that. You’ll need a research table, 1 pipe, and 250 units scrap metal.

The pipe can be made with 20 pieces of scrap metal and 2 fragments of high quality metal. For metal, it is necessary to melt 30 units of high-grade metal ore in a furnace. Crafting the 1st pipe will take 1 second.

Recycling of items into a pipe

By using Recycler, you can recycle unnecessary items into a pipe. A detailed table of items that can be recycled into pipe may be found in the article “The table of recycling items into a metal pipe”.

Recycling a metal pipe

By recycling a pipe, you can get 5 scrap metal and 1 piece of high quality metal.

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