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BJLong Soft Live Rubber Pipe Bits

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BJLong Soft Live Rubber Pipe Bits
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Most smokers clench their pipes. It’s something that is a reality of pipe smoking, no matter who you are. Instead of continually hurting your teeth and marking up your pipe, why not put a soft rubber bit over the tip of your pipe stem? This will make your pipe more comfortable and will protect your treasured pipe as well.

Model: Soft Rubber Pipe Bits

Length: 0.72 in. / 18.33 mm.

Width: 0.52 in. / 13.41 mm.

44 Reviews
BJ Long rubber pipe bits

Posted by Pasquale on 19th Aug 2020

Fits well and protects pipe stem.

Rubber Bite Tips

Posted by Enjoyer of the pipe on 24th Jul 2020

Nobody likes a teeth-marked, chewed-up stem. Use them on all my pipes – after-all their an invesment.

I wouldn’t smoke without them.

Posted by Keith Obacz on 14th Apr 2020

These work great and they don’t move on the stem.

Nice to bite on

Posted by Mark on 26th Feb 2020

These rubber tips make it a pleasure to bite down on the pipe stem. I like chewing on them as I smoke my pipe. Soft instead of a hard bite.

They do their job well

Posted by John on 22nd Sep 2019

I am the kind of person that likes to clench my pipe so these are definitely a necessity for me. These bits seem to last very well and don’t cause fatigue. They do their job and they do it well. I will be buying more as I need them because they are a must-have for me.

Great addition

Posted by Jay on 18th Jul 2019

I advise anyone who smokes a pipe to add these to the bit. It will make them last forever. No biting the bit, no marks, no scaring. Works great and they’re cheap!

Rubber Bits

Posted by D Greene on 22nd Nov 2018

Inexpensive path to an al dente bit. Love ‘em!

BJ Long Rubber bits

Posted by Gary on 20th Nov 2018

Wasn’t sure about rubber bits but some of my pipe club members like them. After trying them I am hooked they are great and very comfortable.

Posted by Ralph Mcculley on 10th Nov 2018

I use these rubber bits on all my “clincher” pipes. They are very comfortable in the teeth, and they also protect your pipes which in all, are an investment !

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