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Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 Pipe Tobacco

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Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 Pipe Tobacco
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A big blend and strong, but not harsh. Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 is a complex evening choice for the experienced smoker of English-style blends. The rope cut tobacco comes ready to smoke — no need to dry it out, despite what the moistness might indicate. We recommend starting slow with this one, it’s smooth as silk, but packs a serious punch.

Blended By: Samuel Gawith

Model: Brown No. 4

Tobacco Type: Dark Fired Kentucky and Virginia

Blend Type: Cigar Leaf-Based

Strength: 5 of 5

Room Note: Strong

  • 50 g. / 1.75 oz.
  • 250 g.

Country: United Kingdom

6 Reviews
Sam Gawith Brown No. 4

Posted by Brian on 6th Aug 2020

If you like a strong, full-flavored tobacco – then this is for you. Great tobacco and smoke. I rate Brown No. 4 right next to GH’s Brown Twist Sliced. But the problem is that with both of these two tobacco’s mentioned that I enjoy so much, they are so often out of stock.

One of the best

Posted by Jman on 26th Feb 2020

Rich and flavorful. This is great stuff if you know how to prepare it right. I use a guillotine cigar cutter and slice very thin coins, then rub them out like flakes. Sometimes I cut it again. I found it bites a bit, but a good filter or meerschaum definitely cuts down on this. Love the taste though, and the strength. Smokes great out of the tin if sliced properly. I tried a small package and liked it enough to buy the big package. I like this a lot more than the black.

Sam Gawith Brown No. 4

Posted by Brian on 25th Feb 2020

A good strong and full flavored tobacco. My first choice for a tobacco like this in GH Brown Twist Sliced. But when it is out of stock, this is my go to pipe tobacco when I want something strong and full – but no bite. Like other reviews, I find it best to prepare thin slices and let it dry out for awhile. Then a great smoke. Good with strong black coffee or a good bourbon.

Posted by Dethmutt on 12th Jan 2020

Hard to keep lit new. Once it burns its Glorious. Can’t wait to see what this turns into in a couple of years.

Brown no. 4

Posted by Dethmutt on 11th Jan 2020

Out of the box, it’s a horrid thing to keep lit. Dry it a bit and it becomes the best thing you can put in your pipe!

Big Boy tobacco

Posted by L. Olson on 15th Sep 2019

Strong and smooth. No bite for me when I drink carbonated beverages, unlike other smoke. Try with black coffee! This is a sipper as they would say, don’t puff too much or you might pass out from vitamin n!

Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 is a robust rope tobacco made to highlight the heady properties of cigar leaf tobacco. Experienced smokers, get to know this blend with free shipping at

Tobaccos Samuel Gawith – Brown Rope No. 4 Whiskey

Twisted forms of aged dark brown leaf soaked in whiskey. Enormous flavor aroma and strength tamed with slow puffing.

Brand Samuel Gawith
Blended By Samuel Gawith
Manufactured By Samuel Gawith
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Cigar Leaf, Kentucky, Virginia
Flavoring Whisky
Cut Rope
Packaging Bulk
Country UK
Production Currently available

A full strength rope of rich Virginias with bold earthiness, wood, a few floral notes, a little spice, some fermented tangy citrus and dark fruit. they are the lead components. The herbal, floral, woody, earthy, mildly creamy sweet, vegetative, slightly spicy, smoky, coffee-like cigar leaf is a secondary player. There’s a little woody, earthy, slightly nutty Kentucky burley in play as well. The whiskey topping mildly tones down the tobaccos, but all the inherent flavors hit your taste buds. It’s very strong and very full in its consistent, deeply rich, sweet and savory, fairly rugged flavor. It has a high nicotine content, so a small to medium size bowl is recommended. Puff slowly, and don’t completely dry it out, or you’ll lose some of the rum and possibly gain a little harshness near the finish. Won’t bite, but it does have a few rough edges. Burns cool, clean and slow. Leaves a little moisture in the bowl, and needs a fair amount of relights. Has a pleasant, lingering after taste and strong room note. Not an all day smoke. Three and a half stars.

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Do not let the 2 star rating tell all. I did enjoy this tobacco much like I do a 3 star. When it comes to recommenations, only a small portion of pipe smokers would I recommend this tobacco to. It is one of the strongest tobaccos I have ever had, and I like strong tobacco. The distinct floral taste of the Lake District is dominant, along with a spicy nicotine blast. The Whiskey can be tasted throughout as a nice compliment to the natural tobacco taste. It tastes like real whiskey, not candied sweet cavendish phoney whiskey. My only complaint is the window of opportunity to smoke this blend. Freshly sliced discs from the rope – a little too wet with whiskey to burn well. This has such a unique fine taste that I grew impatient having to keep it lit. Allow the rubbed out discs to dry too long, it burns too hot and quickly – not something you want from a powerhouse tobacco like this one. Highly recommended for any smoker who likes to mess with the bull’s horns!

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The best Whiskey tobacco blend I ever smoked. Nice and strong with a huge belt of whiskey flavoring. I do admit that slow smoking was required to keep the flavor at its highest level without adding a little harshness. But, I do find that most of the Gawith ropes will heat up and offer harshness if the puffing cadence is stepped up past a tip-toe. Ride your horse carefully while smoking this one because the nicotine content could make you lose your grip on the saddle.

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If you have read any of my reviews, you could easily surmise that I mostly enjoy strong no-nonsense tobaccos. Brown Rope # 4 Whiskey is a favorite of mine at any time of the day. The flavor is your basic wonderful Brown Rope #4 mixed in with the stuff left over if one were to evaporate a glass of whiskey. It’s heaven in a pipe bowl! I have smoked freshly made batches as well as older ones and there is quite a difference. The fresher batches have a very sharp “medicinal” flavor which smells closer to whiskey than the aged batches. The aged tobacco mellows in flavor (it is not as sharp) but not in strength. I smoke several bowls of this wonderful tobacco daily. This tobacoo is not for wimps!

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A nice, medium brown rope with a good whiskey aroma and some dark-fired tobacco smell. Needs to be cut from the rope with a cigar cutter or VERY sharp knife, then rubbed out. Airing it out for a few minutes doesn’t hurt. Best in a small pipe, in a recliner with seat belts. when you light it, there is a blast of dark flavors, and a bigger blast of nicotine. I like it once in a while in a cob, but don’t plan on putting it in any more briars, as it leaves a residual aroma and taste in the pipe. An interesting experience, but not one I plan to repeat.

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Very smooth, heavy, strong, use the coffee grinder after coining and re-soaking in more whisky and drying, most often mix with 50% Perique. Little lady actually likes the room note. Sipped and smoked very slowly. Burns well if dried enough, with just one or two lights. Excellent in the late evening.

Pipe Used: Mostly cobs, Country Gentleman, Mark Twain

Age When Smoked: One Year

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars

Similar Blends: Other Ropes.

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Sample 5/12 from a briar-brother from the UK! My 2nd SG Twist so far (No. 4 was my first).

The scent from the sample bag is heavenly. Earthy, smoky, with a decent malty-whiskey aroma to it that also has a slight sweetness to it.

Comes pretty moist and needs some 1-3 hours of drying time. But be aware, the more you’ll dry it out, the more the Whiskey aroma will fade! Medium thick rope, dark colors with very few bright speckles and a joy to handle, as every rope/twist tobacco.

I loved Brown No. 4 (but not the price of it. 16,50€ per 50g. too much!), and Brown No. 4 Whiskey Rope is just as good. It offers lots of earth, some smoky-wood and cigar-ish notes with a minor nutty-sweetness. The Whiskey enhances the nutty quality, and gives it a malty aroma, without adding any alcohol-ish notes (luckyily for me, as I hate alcohol, both in taste and its effects!).

Does it taste like Whiskey? Maybe. I’m not a alcohol-drinker and there for no Whiskey Connoiseur, but I have drank some Whiskeys in my youth days and know its taste. I really only get malty qualities by Whiskey flavored tobaccos, which I really love and appreciate. Compared to other Irish Whiskey by Peterson, No. 4 Whiskey Rope is MUCH, MUCH better! Bold and intense flavors, refined with the Whiskey-ish aroma, this is a wonderful smoke! Has to be smoked slowly to enjoy it most and prevent it getting harsh and bitey! But if you take your time – and mind on this tobacco, if you love a strong, hearty smoke. youl’ll love No. 4 Whiskey Twist by Samuel Gawith!

Yet to me, this is only 3,5 stars, as I found the “normal” Brown No. 4 a tad better than this one. This may well be a 4-star worthy blend for some tho!

Pipe Used: Clay Pipe / Churchwarden

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This is very dark brown tobacco twisted into a rope about the thickness of George Foreman’s thumb. It has a sort of fermented, malty smell. The cigar cutter works well for trimming some flakes which I then rub out a little before packing. This is very strong tobacco in the dark, English flake sense. The addition of the whiskey adds a unique flavor, not exactly of whiskey but of something medicinal. It has got plenty of nicotine and it is strong. When you swallow, the residual juices may hit your stomach in a way that will remind you of the experience of sucking on your grandfather’s pipe when you were seven or eight. This is not your father’s tobacco. It is probably your grandfather’s tobacco if he worked in England’s coal mines a half century ago. This tobacco is not for the aromatic lover, the berry tobacco lover or the sweet, mild, effete tobacco lover. You will need to bring a cast iron gut to the proceedings and a high tolerance for nicotine. I think you could develop a real taste for this tobacco, and it does go well with Guinness, always a good test of fine tobacco. I recommend this as an interesting change of pace, a return to the days of yesteryear. Paddy.

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Of all the ropes I’ve tried, I think the Brown Rope #4 Whiskey is my favorite. I immensely enjoy preparing the rope tobaccos for smoking. I use a cigar cutter to slice off little discs which I proceed to rub out. Since it is so dense, I usually air it out a bit before packing it. It packs and lights well and the whiskey shines through immediatley. It’s very full, very potent and very delicious. The whiskey flavoring is enjoyable, but my favorite part is when it starts to wear off a bti and the natural flavors take over. It is a truly satisfying smoke, though not for those who prefer a mild smoke. It burns very slow and very cool, but I recommend VERY slow puffing to avoid OD-ing on nicotine. It’s finish is wonderful and at tiems a bit earthy. Not for the faint of heart, Whiskey rope is a serious tobacco. Highly recommended for those who like a bit of a punch

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Twisted forms of aged dark brown leaf soaked in whiskey. Enormous flavor aroma and strength tamed with slow puffing. ]]>