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Our pick of the best torches for camping, hiking, festivals, walking after dark, and for general everyday use too. The best torches are versatile enough to be used in multiple scenarios, whether you're trying to navigate a campsite at night, walk your dog on a dark winter's evening, or if there’s a power cut at home and you need a form of emergency lighting. Keyring torches are also handy for illuminating your car door or front door if you can’t see clearly enough to insert your keys.

Camping lanterns are better for creating wide arcs of light in your tent, but a handheld flashlight can be very useful for directing precise beams of light if you’re looking for something in your tent or car. Mini torches with a narrow beam can also be used for spotlight reading once everyone else is asleep in the tent and the lantern has been switched off. So it pays to keep a compact torch or a keyring torch in your backpack when you’re out hiking, and one in your car or campervan when holidaying in the wilds. If you’re just looking to invest in one flashlight, ensure it’s waterproof so that you can use it outdoors in all types of weather. Ideally you’ll choose one that isn’t too heavy, helping to avoid wrist strain during use, and that has a rechargeable power source and a variety of different lighting modes. Neatly wrapping up all of those features is the Olight SR30II Rechargeable LED Flashlight . This versatile torch is fully weatherproof and feels reassuring but not too heavy in the hand. It pumps out a whopping 1,050 lumens on Turbo Mode, and comes with a desktop charging mount so that you can easily keep it powered. What will suit your lighting needs depends on you and your demands, but there’s plenty of choice for those that want to upgrade from their smartphone’s weak and weedy flashlight.

For example, a keyring flashlight is ideal for stashing in a bag so that you always have a half-decent source of emergency light to hand. For those willing to travel with a little more bulk, compact torches are small enough for stashing in camping kit bags and hiking backpacks. What’s more, they can pump out a lot of brightness. For those who work outdoors and need to create an intense beam of light quickly to locate someone or something, look for a portable floodlight or a tactical torch, both of which will have a super-high lumens count for maximum brightness. The latter will be easy to attach to your clothing or bag too. The rechargeable flashlights in our best torches list cost more than battery-operated models, but this higher cost will pay handsomely in the long run. Not only will they prevent you from constantly having to shell-out for new batteries, but you will contribute less to landfill. Torches come in a variety of sizes, from chunky handheld floodlights to dinky keyring lights. Beam strength ranges from 10 to 7,000+ lumens, depending on the type of torch you buy, though anything over 150 lumens offers a decent level of brightness. For outdoor adventures where you need to clearly see where you’re stepping in the dark, especially on trails and in remote rural areas, pack a torch that has 800+ lumens and ideally a range of modes including SOS or Strobe. Security guards and other outdoors workers would do well with tactical torches dishing out 1,500+ lumens, which quickly light up even the darkest areas. Let’s shed some light on the best torches to buy now. L'Anatra dalle Uova d'oro has been founded in the 1998 from Massimo Palazzi. Briar pipes from "L'anatra dalle uova d'oro" are born from an originality and innovation merging, without disregarding classic beauty and elegance. In 2000 with the coming of the third millennium "l'anatra" decided to undertake a genetic operation with the introduction of genes of Andrea Pascucci. Massimo and Andrea originate handmade pipes with much passion, each one beginning from the choice of the briar, respecting its nature. They mould each pipe following our unmistakable style. With both genes of the two pipemakers of "l'Anatra" became to around all the world (particularly Europe, America, Asia). With big satisfaction the 2 pipemakers of l'Anatra remembers New York in 2005 to realize the Pipe of the Year for "Pipes & Tobacco" magazine, for "Accademie Internazionale de la pipa" in 2004, for the German catalogue "Dam Pipe" in 2007 and they reminds the pipe clubs that welcome them: Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Padova, Milano. All L’Anatra pipes are made with briar seasoned for a time of 18 months. Mainly material used for mouthpieces is methacrylate. Massimo and Andrea made 2000 pipes per year with a range from € 80,00 to € 1,500.00 and more. Their grading system are divided in: Rusticated, Partially Rusticated, Sandblaster, Combing Sandblaster, Smooth 1 Egg, 2 Eggs, 3 Eggs (depending on the grain), Straight Grain 1 Egg, 2 Eggs, 3 Eggs (depending on the grain), Nirvana (pipes with virtuous characteristics), Ventura (pipes with small spots of putty). To all the smokers, "L'Anatra" sends warmest regards "Quak Quak". It is the fruit of the equilibrium of the elements, an inate sense of esthetics, a skillful hand and, not least, careful attention to its functional character.

Santambrogio pipes are made in this way, created for a good smoke, to be beautiful and to be appreciated over time. They contain all the tradition, the experience and the pride of three generations of Pipemakers and represent not just a label but also their page in history. See the Best Sinus & Nasal Medications in 2019 as rated by Australians on I like that you can empty it once the salt looses its potency and replace , or just pour in the new batch. You can inhale the salt And it sometimes helps inflamed sinuses . It should be kept away from humid places, i left it stored in the bathroom and the salt crystallised and hardened but i managed to empty the bottle and put in a new batch of Himalayan salt in the pipe. Мы обнаружили, что в вашей сети доступ к YouTube устанавливается через стороннее незарегистрированное приложение.

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