rolling in the benjamins

What does this expression mean? Rolling in the Benjamins?

Someone I know always says, “Rolling in the Benjamins.”

What does this mean?

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means you have money. typically hundred dollar bills

Means they’re making a lot of money. Benjamins = Benjamin Franklins = $100 bills

Benjamins Slang Definition

Means having lots of money. Benjamin franklin is on the one hundred dollar bill.

it means the person has money rolling in frequently. Just like when they say its all about the benjamins meaning its all bout the money

It is a true fact used as a saying. A stone that has been left alone for a long time will have moss growing on it. If the stone gets moved around and moves around a lot, the stone will have no moss growing on it (the moss falls off and won’t grow on unstable places). The meaning of the saying is: If you keep on changing your mind, you won’t be able to succeed in life.

Benjamin Franklin is on the hundred-dollar bill.

Benjamin Franklin is on the 100 dollar bill.

So I suppose that saying would meaning that they’re rich. lol

“Benjamins” is the slang term for $100 bill, since Ben Franklin is on the front of it. Therefore, if you’re “rolling” in them, you have so much that you can cover the floor and twirl around.

Ben is on the $100 note so the person is rolling in dough.

that they have a bunch of 100 dollar bills. benjamin franklin is on that bill.

Someone I know always says, "Rolling in the Benjamins." What does this mean?


pl n US slang



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The Federal Reserve this week is rolling out new Benjamins as part of its continuing efforts to stay ahead of cheaters.

Had they both been Benjamins they could not have had more abundant platefuls than she gave them that day.

The column now advanced, Benjamins guns firing shells into the woods in front.

The Benjamins had duties to attend to, so Wally and his daughter were left alone for a quarter of an hour, in the library.

The Mopuses and Benjamins were more familiar than they would be with a really great lady.

Was there any social reason why they should not cut as great a dash as the Benjamins or the Rosenweilers?

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