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Andy Press, Dennis Kim, Ken Tramiel, Jan Klimala, Gordo, Rod Flora, Ilya Matyukhin, and Syd Shaber gathered around the final table. Jan, Gordo, and Syd got all their chips … Read more Syd runs the table. We had 19 players trying out our new Foster City venue. Final table was Sheng, Ryan, Jeannette, Patrick, Haisam, Bill, Jeanne, and Amo. Points scorers were Ryan in 5th, Patrick in 4th, and Bill in 3rd.

Jeannette and Amo (who had a huge dominant … Read more Back To Back for Amo. Nectar Collectors: What Are They And How to Use Them. If you love dabbing but aren’t too keen on toting or passing a massive rig and all the gear that goes with it, we’ve got the solution for you. Allow us to introduce you to the next big thing in portable pot paraphernalia: the nectar collector! In this article, the experts at Honest Marijuana reveal everything you need to know about the nectar collector and how to use this newest marijuana masterpiece. dab straw or honey straw) is a miniature dab rig used to vaporize concentrates like shatter or wax. We like to think of it as a small, hand-held bubbler, although, as you’ll see, the bubbles aren’t always necessary. You’ll notice that we used the word “vaporize” in the description above.

That’s what nectar collectors do — they vaporize the concentrate instead of burning it. But don’t get the wrong idea; they’re not vaporizers per se . The cannabis community reserves that term for the vape pen (or e-cigarette). Technically speaking, Nectar Collector® is the brand name for the first vertical vaporizer to appear on the market. As its popularity spread, more and more people used the brand name instead of “dab straw” or “honey straw.” As a result, nectar collector (lower case and without the trademark symbol) became the go-to words for this new product. It’s very similar to what happened to the term “facial tissue,” or just “tissue,” after Kleenex® came out. That product became so popular everyone started referring to facial tissues by the brand name Kleenex® instead of the more general term. To this day, many Americans still say, “Hand me a Kleenex® please,” even if the box on the table is just a generic facial tissue. So if you wanted to be really pedantic and doucheish, you could try correcting everyone’s grammar — all Nectar Collectors® are vertical vaporizers, but not all vertical vaporizers are Nectar Collectors® (sounds like something off the SATs, right?). We wouldn’t recommend that unless you want to be excluded from the next smoke sesh at your friend’s house. Nectar collectors, like dab rigs and bongs, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Some creative cannaseurs even go the DIY route and build their own homemade products. Most store-bought nectar collectors are about seven inches long, which makes them super convenient for packing and travel. They’re also all roughly the same shape, but variations do exist to set one brand apart from the others. Most of these differences are just aesthetic and don’t affect the actual function of the nectar collector. That said, nectar collectors do fall into two distinct categories — glass or silicone — and these materials have a profound effect on your smoking experience. Like dab rigs and bongs, most nectar collectors are made out of glass for one very specific reason: glass doesn’t affect the flavor of your vapor. We won’t get too technical here, but the chemistry of glass means that vapor basically slides along the surface without interacting with the molecules along the way. That preserves the unique chemical makeup of the vapor and won’t make your Fruity Pebbles wax taste like anything but Fruity Pebbles. You can also purchase silicone nectar collectors if that tickles your fancy. The nice thing about a silicone nectar collector is that you can store it in your freezer without damaging the collector itself. Then when it’s time to toke, the cold silicone cools the vapor to the point that it won’t irritate your throat on the way down. Another benefit of silicone (or other acrylic material) is that it travels better than glass (it won’t break as easily). The primary one being that you’ll notice a significant change in flavor when compared to a glass nectar collector.

With a silicone nectar collector, the vapor will have a more “plasticky” taste, which could make the whole experience less than enjoyable. Nectar collectors have three main parts: The neck is the mouthpiece through which you’ll inhale the cannabis vapor. The body falls between the neck and the tip and is similar to the water chamber in a bong or dab rig.

In most nectar collectors, you have the choice to use water in the body or not (wet nectar collector vs. Most times, you’ll want to pour some water into the body before toking because the water will remove a lot of the harshness in the vapor before it reaches your throat and lungs. Finally, the tip of a nectar collector is like the bowl of a bong or the nail of a dab rig — it’s where all the action happens. Your nectar collector may have a quartz tip, a titanium tip, or allow you to switch back and forth between different tips. Each type of tip has its own benefits, but try them both and use the one you prefer most.


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