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  • Melbourne, AU 4 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Chicago, US 4 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Dallas, US 4 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Dublin, IE 4 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ
  • Sydney, AU 3 — СЛУШАТЕЛИ

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Rolled Dope, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: nest, Monthly Listeners: 222, Where People Listen: Melbourne, Chicago, Dallas, Dublin, Sydney

Smoke-A-Dope ‘trolling papers’

Introducing Smoke-A-Dope, the new Trolling Papers that let you ridicule and dishonor the awful president by burning an effigy* of him. Because he deserves it…

Let’s smoke this dope out of office!

*Remember, kids: burning an effigy is strictly a symbolic act, and smoke is just a metaphor for vote. The only way to really take down this tyrant is democratically and nonviolently. Proceed.

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  • jeffsesh
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  • Smoke a Dope

US Navy bans hemp shampoos, lotions, and soaps

The US Navy has banned sailors and Marines from using shampoo, lotions, and other body care products that contain hemp or cannabidiol. According to the official statement, their rationale is that the products could contain so much THC that it might “negatively impact mission readiness and disqualify a sailor from continued service.” From Stars and… READ THE REST

“Mad Signtist” turns green lights into cannabis leaves in Spokane

A reality hacker in the N. Spokane, Washington area used darkened pieces of cardboard to make several of the city’s green traffic lights look like cannabis leaves. This person, who signed some of the pieces as the “Mad Signtist,” appears to be taking a page out of the Pablo Rochat playbook. screengrab via KREM/YouTube Thanks,… READ THE REST

Japanese rapper Kan a.k.a. GAMI busted for 0.5 grams of weed

Japan Today reports that 42-year-old Japanese rapper Kan a.k.a. GAMI (real name: Kunihiko Kawakami) was arrested for possessing a half gram of cannabis. Police say informant contacted authorities to let them know Kawakami was in possession of the cannabis. This is the second time this year Kawakami has been arrested this year for possessing weed.… READ THE REST

This portable USB charger can get an Apple Watch back to full power on the go

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These Kodak scanners, printers, and projectors are the perfect holiday gift and already on sale

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From the makers of  General Jeff's "Old Rebel" Session Papers, comes this six pack of Smoke-A-Dope pre-rolled cones ($5). Introducing Smoke-A-Dope, the new Trolling Papers that let you ridicule and dishonor the awful president by burning an effigy* of him. Because he deserves it…Let's smoke this dope out of office!*Remember, kids: burning an effigy is strictly a symbolic act, and smoke is…