roll uh bowl review

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Review: Roll-Uh-Bowl

There’s no worse material to bring camping or to the beach than glass. It’s fragile, impossible to clean up if broken, and cannot be used if even slightly damaged. What’s a cannabis user to do if you’re headed outdoors and don’t want to worry about breaking good equipment? (And, you know, you’re allergic to rolling papers.)

This is not some portable piece of crap designed to last a few uses. The Graffix composite down stem with GLID one-way stopper ball turns what could have been a sorry but rugged water pipe into a daily user that just happens not to be made of glass. The glow-in-the-dark stopper ball prevents splashing typically associated with cheaply made, portable options, while the down stem it’s connected to helps stabilize the Roll-uh-Bowl base.
Coupled with an alloy eject-a-bowl that pushes ash—no scraping or side hitting required—the Roll-uh-Bowl makes cleaning on the go a little easier, while ensuring a smooth, repeatable carb removal at the end of each smoke. The eject-a-bowl can also be transformed into a dab rig, though you’ll need to bring your own nail.

Taking a hit from the 8-inch-tall, 1½-inch-around pipe works just like you’d expect, though a smooth draw is required unless you like seeing silicone collapse. Dishwasher-safe, odorless and flavorless, the Roll-uh-Bowl would probably make it through airport security, too.

While folded, the unit can survive at least a four-story drop to pavement, so if yours slips down a cliff, it’s worth hiking down to search for. Replacement parts for the small things are reasonable—$2.50 wristbands, $3 down stems and $5 eject-a-bowls.

Sorry, though, it’s not fire-resistant, so keep it off the rim of the fire pit between sessions.

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