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It’s likely you’ve seen them being sold in smoke shops near other glass one-hitters. It delivers a stronger hit than a one-hitter, and it’s more compact than a normal glass piece. However, there's more than one correct way to use one, which we're about to explore. In this article, we’ll explore the best ways to use a chillum and how to get the best hits off of it. Packing a chillum is similar to using a one-hitter.

Chillums are usually longer pieces with has a conical bowl end, which you can fill up with whatever you’re smoking. To pack it, you can put a pile of tobacco or leaf on a table, or use a wooden dugout to delicately put the leaf inside of it. Make sure to pack tightly so that it’s less likely it goes into your mouth - there generally won't be a filter to protect you from burning embers. Some chillums also use what’s called a “chillum stone,” which is traditionally a random pebble that you find on the ground. Modern chillums can come with their own special fitted stone, which you can use to filter debris and dust that would otherwise flow into the smoke chamber. When using a traditional clay chillum, they’re so long that you’re supposed to have someone else light it for you. However, with modern glass chillums, you can light it yourself with a little practice. You can, in theory, just put the chillum in your mouth and spark it, but this means that the device gets very hot very quickly. The traditional way of using a chillum is to cup your hand over the chillum over the end and place it between your ring and pinky finger, then place your mouth over your cupped hand. This avoids the heated end of the chillum, and creates a smoke chamber inside your fist to both cool the smoke and catch embers.

As we said earlier, the traditional way of lighting a chillum is to have the person next to you light it for you as you cup the piece, which allows you to use both hands to create an even bigger chamber, kind of like a bong sans water. Another way to use a chillum pipe if you don’t have a friend around is to use it as an adaptor on a larger water pipe. This has the distinct advantage of getting all the potency you would normally get from a chillum plus the added airflow and cooling effect of using a water pipe. All you have to do is put the filled chillum next to the bowl, light it, and take a pull off the water pipe. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the chillum. Any item that can be used as a water pipe can then, with a little bit of creativity, be used in tandem with the chillum pipe, wherein the chillum serves as the bowl for your makeshift bong. This means more powerful hits out of any household item that converted into a water pipe. It’s better and more fun with friends to help you out, but no less satisfying by yourself. Chillums have been around for many decades but it is not until the last few years that they gained popularity. A chillum is a straight conical glass pipe with an end-to-end channel. Chillums do not have the carb hole that is used to regulate air flow to the mouthpiece. The chillums are believed to have been first used in India by holy men and Hindu monks. It is believed that the monks have been using chillums for thousands of years, even before the introduction of tobacco in India. These devices have been associated with spirituality and meditation throughout Eastern Europe and Asia. However, it was not until the 20th century that the chillums reached the western popularity. It was because of their strong and direct rips that the chillums grew in their popularity. The rips are more potent than any average dry hand pipes. Currently, chillums are considered to be trendy and you can get portable hand pipe styles ion stacks at any local shops. There are many variations of the traditional chillum. Chillums are made of wood but there is a clay version that is preferred by many. Clay chillums are a favorite of many due to their higher cooling potential. There exist more exotic versions of the chillums made from stone, glass and even stainless steel. Chillums are also referred to as bats or one-hitters. They are smaller in size than any other styles of hand pipes, including Sherlocks and spoons. Chillums also lack a carburetor or the small hole on the left side of the bowl. The carburetor is covered with a thumb or finger to direct the airflow to the mouth from the bowl. Once the finger is removed from the carb, the bowl can be cleared and all the smoke inhaled. Chillums do not have the carb hence less airflow control in the pipe. The bowl will continue to burn for as long as it can sustain itself as there is no direct way of controlling the airflow.

Because of their small size, chillums are best lit at an angle of 45 degrees to prevent dry herb from falling on the floor. Some smokers will use something round or small to hold the herb in the bowl, such as a small nut. When using traditional clay chillums, you will require using closed fists or a piece of cloth to act as a filter. Pile tobacco on a tray and press the end of the chillum into the pile, press in with a finger to make sure it sticks, put your mouth on the mouthpiece and light the other end. Inhale lightly and slowly to avoid sucking in ash into your mouth. Chillums are small and you may not get many hits from them. Here are some of the benefits of using these devices: They are incredibly discreet They are great for group sessions Easy to pack Easy to clean Chillums are inexpensive Ideal for roaches.

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